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What Are the Different Types of Frozen Yogurt Flavors?

Frozen yogurt comes in a delightful array of flavors, from classic vanilla and rich chocolate to exotic mango and tangy raspberry. Each variety offers a unique twist on this creamy treat, catering to all taste buds. Whether you prefer fruity, nutty, or indulgent dessert-inspired swirls, there's a frozen yogurt for everyone. What's your favorite flavor? Share with us as we unveil more!
H. Bliss
H. Bliss

Frozen yogurt comes in many types. It can be a soft serve treat doled out at a food establishment, a packaged product in the grocery store ice cream aisle, or a simple container of yogurt that has been frozen. When frozen yogurt comes in the form of a frozen container of pure yogurt, it can be any flavor at the store. The most common frozen yogurt flavors found in restaurants are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. In frozen yogurt shops, flavors vary as widely as the imagination of the person who designed the yogurt flavors.

Generally, frozen yogurt flavors are more daring and varied than those normally found in ice cream. This makes frozen yogurt flavors not commonly found in ice creams an everyday find at frozen yogurt stores. Surprising, but common flavors carried by frozen yogurt shops include fruit flavors like taro, guava, and lychee, plus creamy dessert flavors like gingerbread, cheesecake, and cookies and cream.

Lychee is a surprisingly common flavor for frozen yogurt.
Lychee is a surprisingly common flavor for frozen yogurt.

Yogurt lovers seeking to satisfy a unique flavor craving can also opt for a frozen treat flavored like cookie dough, cake batter, or red bean paste. Many frozen yogurt shops are self serve style, allowing the patrons to mix and match their preferred flavors. This can sometimes produce some interesting and unexpected tastes when the contrasting flavors melt together a frozen yogurt soup at the bottom of the serving cup.

Chocolate frozen yogurt.
Chocolate frozen yogurt.

One flavor of frozen yogurt that has experienced great popularity in the United States is tart frozen yogurt, which was originally a Korean invention. It has roughly the same soft texture as other frozen yogurt flavors, but it has a tart bite in addition to its sweet creaminess. Recipes for tart frozen yogurt flavors differ, but they are generally tart because they contain more yogurt than other non-tart frozen yogurt flavors. Sweet, mild frozen yogurt flavors are mild because they are mixed with a large portion of cream or milk so they take on a flavor similar to ice cream.

Vanilla frozen yogurt.
Vanilla frozen yogurt.

Soft frozen yogurt can be bought at many ice cream shops and frozen yogurt shops, as well as some restaurants. Usually, when restaurants serve this treat, it is only a small part of what they serve, and it normally comes in limited and common flavors. In contrast, shops dedicated to frozen yogurt often pride themselves on a wide variety of tart and fruity or creamy and dessert-like flavors. Each yogurt shop offers its own permanent and seasonal frozen yogurt flavors.

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@Pippinwhite -- Yeah, and those yogurt places charge by the ounce, so you can run up a big tab in a big hurry!

Having said that, I like that there are a lot of sugar-free or no sugar added flavors, along with a few sugar-free dessert sauces at most of these places. That's a real plus for me, since I have to watch my blood sugar, and I don't want a lot of sweets around the house. But when I want something sweet, I can go to the frozen yogurt place and usually find something that's sugar free and that I can eat without it making my blood sugar skyrocket.


Good golly, there's a frozen yogurt store near us where you serve yourself and add your own toppings. They've had orange, pineapple, vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, coffee, cinnamon roll, pumpkin spice, red velvet, wedding cake, brownie batter, bublegum, coconut, mango, pink lemonade, strawberry and white chocolate. And more. Those are just the ones I've seen and remember off the top of my head.

The new frozen yogurt flavors put the 31 flavors of story and song to shame. The new yogurt places have all kinds of toppings, like candy, nuts, fruit and dessert sauces so people can create their own favorites.

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    • Lychee is a surprisingly common flavor for frozen yogurt.
      Lychee is a surprisingly common flavor for frozen yogurt.
    • Chocolate frozen yogurt.
      By: m.u.ozmen
      Chocolate frozen yogurt.
    • Vanilla frozen yogurt.
      By: sonnenklang
      Vanilla frozen yogurt.
    • Guava is a popular flavor of frozen yogurt.
      By: tashka2000
      Guava is a popular flavor of frozen yogurt.