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Large, continuous bubbles covering the surface of the water signal a rolling boil.

What is a Rolling Boil?

A rolling boil is an especially vigorous state of a pot of boiling liquid. Many foods do best when cooked at a rolling boil, like...

knife sharpener.

Best Pull through Knife Sharpeners

A dull knife is dangerous and frustrating to use. Learn how to choose a pull-through knife sharpener to keep your knives looking good, safe, and efficient.

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Celery stalks grow in bundles that are about 12 to 16 inches long.

What is a Stalk of Celery?

A celery stalk can refer to one branch of a cluster of celery or the entire cluster of celery. Read on to learn more about uses for celery stalks.

A Boston roll contains poached shrimp, avocado, and cucumber.

What is a Boston Roll?

A Boston roll is a sushi roll that has cucumber, avocado, shrimp, and cucumber. Continue reading to learn how to prepare a Boston roll.

Nut-covered sweetmeats.

What are Sweetmeats?

Sweetmeats are candy or confections. Originally made of candied or honeyed fruits, today, sweetmeats generally only refer to...

Nougat is a chewy, intensely sweet confection made from sugar, honey, and nuts.

What Is Nougat?

Nougat is a confection made from sugar, honey, and nuts. Popular during the holidays, there are two main variations of nougat...

Bacon is commonly used for barding.

In Cooking, what is Barding?

Barding is the cooking technique of wrapping meat in strips of fat while it cooks. Used to keep meat moist, barding also imparts...

Gyro sandwiches are often served at roach coaches.

What is a Roach Coach?

A roach coach is a mobile kitchen or food truck. Though not all roach coaches are actually unsanitary, they developed their...

An oxtail segment.

What Is Beef Oxtail?

Oxtail is often used in stews, soups, or in beef stock. Continue reading to learn more about the nutritional benefits of oxtail and how to cook it.

The curing process makes speck safe to eat raw.

What is Speck?

Speck is a cured meat native to Northern Italy. Like other cured meats, speck can be an acquired taste due to its...

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