Are Nuts Mentioned in the Bible?

While the Bible includes passages that refer in broad terms to nuts, only two specific nuts are specifically mentioned within the text. Almonds are mentioned a total of six times throughout the Old Testament, with the first reference occurring in Genesis chapter 43, verse 11. Pistachios are mentioned in the same verse. In the Song of Solomon, chapter 6, verse 11, a reference to nut trees is found. According to early Christian historian Josephus, the passage in Solomon is believed to refer to a walnut tree, because that tree was commonly found around the Lake of Gennesaret. Contemporary historians are divided on which type of nut tree is actually related to this passage.

More facts about foods in the Bible:

  • Fruits are mentioned by name in many Biblical passages. Among the most common are apples, grapes, dates, figs and melons. Pomegranates and olives also are mentioned in many passages.

  • Vegetables are found in many Old Testament passages. References to cucumbers, leeks and onions are found in Numbers, and beans are mentioned in 2 Samuel and Ezekiel. Lentils are mentioned in three Old Testament books: Genesis, 2 Samuel and Ezekiel.

  • Grains are mentioned by name in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Wheat, barley, corn and millet are mentioned specifically, along with broader references to bread, unleavened bread and flour.

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