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Live it Up Super Greens vs. Athletic Greens (AG1): A Dietitian Weighs In

Explore our expert comparison of two of the most popular greens supplement brands on the market and find out why we prefer Live it Up Super Greens for nutritional power.

In your search to find the best greens powder for your individual needs, it’s likely that both Live it Up Super Greens and Athletic Greens have come up several times. Both have similar stated potential benefits, excellent safety standards, and versatile superfoods. So, what sets them apart?

This article will dig into the nitty-gritty details of both Athletic Greens and Live it Up Super Greens to help you decide which greens powder is the best choice for you.

Comparison Chart

Athletic Greens

Live it Up Super Greens




Digestive Enzymes



Wide Variety of Superfoods



Manufactured in the U.S.


NSF Good Manufacturing Practice



GMP-Certified Facilities



Third-Party Tested





No Stevia











Free shipping without any limitations


Money-back guarantee



Customer service and support


Subscription & bulk purchase options



Cost per serving (with the subscription)



What Is Live it Up Super Greens?

Like all greens powders, Live it Up Super Greens (formerly Ensō Supergreens) is made from dehydrated and ground green vegetables and superfoods that can be mixed into your everyday routine.

Super Greens is nutrient-dense, containing over 20 superfood ingredients, from greens and veggies to herbs and roots. It also includes 5 billion dairy-free CFU probiotics and three plant-based digestive enzymes, making it a well-balanced supplement.

Live it Up’s mission is to provide delicious, accessible products to help make it easier for people to live a healthy life.

In addition to Super Greens, they have developed several plant-strong superfood blends, one rich in adaptogens, beetroot, and other energizing ingredients, as well as a formula replete with powerful herbs, such as turmeric, cardamom, ashwagandha, and saffron. 

What Is Athletic Greens? 

Athletic Greens (AG1)

Athletic Greens, also known as AG1, is a greens powder that boasts a copious number of ingredients, coming in at 75 superfoods, vitamins, and minerals. Within these ingredients are 7.5 billion CFU dairy-free probiotics along with prebiotics and a digestive enzyme.

AG1’s mission is to empower people to take ownership of their health. While they currently do not have other products, Athletic Greens prides themselves on continually improving their super greens powder formula. 

Athletic Greens vs. Live it Up Super Greens Potential Health Benefits 

Greens powders touts specific possible health benefits that can be potentially achieved by taking their product daily. While Athletic Greens and Live it Up Super Greens overlap in some of their claimed potential health benefits, each arrives at these advantages through different ingredients. 

Live it Up Super Greens Potential Health Benefits 

Through its diverse superfood ingredients, Live it Up Super Greens aims to support digestion, immunity, and energy.

Gut health is a hot topic right now, and many of us suffer from bloating discomfort, gas, and other digestive woes. This greens powder contains dairy-free probiotics, coming in at 5 billion CFUs, as well as three plant-based digestive enzymes.

An abundance of phytonutrients is also important for supporting gut health, and the vegetables, greens, algae, and herbs in Super Greens are all rich in these plant compounds.

When it comes to assisting in maintaining immune resilience, several vitamins and minerals help keep it running smoothly. Super Greens naturally contains over 22 all-natural vitamins and minerals, including A and C, the B vitamins, and zinc, all of which are known to play a role in promoting a balanced immune response.

Everyday life can truly zap our energy, especially when your diet is not quite up to snuff. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for energy production, so bridging the gap with a greens powder, especially one as micronutrient-rich as Super Greens, may help assist with fatigue.

Other key potential benefits this greens powder is stated to support include maintaining a healthy weight, aiding longevity, and providing nutrient density for essential nourishment. 

Athletic Greens Potential Health Benefits 

With 75 ingredients, 45 of which are from plants and other superfoods, Athletic Greens stands by its claimed benefits of supporting gut health, immunity, energy, and recovery.

Healthy digestion is a critical part of our overall health. To help support gut health, Athletic Greens contains dairy-free probiotics to the tune of 7.2 billion CFU. However, instead of three digestive enzymes like Live it Up Super Greens has, AG1 only contains one.

One leg up AG1 has over Super Greens is its inclusion of prebiotics, which are another great way to help support gut health.

The daily grind can run down our immune system as well as our energy, particularly when our diet is lacking in vegetables, fruits, and other plants. Getting ample phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals from a greens powder may help support your immunity and help with fatigue. Athletic Greens has a wide array of micronutrients that can contribute to immune wellness and energy balance.

For athletes, recovery is a critical piece of their ability to perform their best. Athletic Greens states that the adaptogens and antioxidants in their greens powder can help support athletes when their workout is done.

Athletic Greens vs. Live it Up Super Greens Ingredients

No matter the possible benefits you’re after, a critical aspect of greens powders is their ingredients. Let’s check out what Athletic Greens and Live it Up Super Greens bring to the table. 

Live it Up Super Greens Ingredients

When compared to Athletic Greens, Live it Up Super Greens’ 20+ all-natural superfood ingredients may not seem like enough. But this greens powder makes every ingredient count. 

Made with organic vegetables, Super Greens only uses high-quality ingredients, the product goes through third-party testing, and it’s produced in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facility in the U.S. This indicates good safety and quality standards. 

As mentioned previously, Super Greens contains 5 billion CFU probiotics from four strains, along with three plant-based digestive enzymes. This combination may contribute to supporting healthy gut bacteria and balancing digestion.

While this greens powder is a proprietary blend, we know for certain which ingredients are the richest in the formula. This is because companies must order their ingredients from most prevalent to least. Super Greens’ most abundant ingredients are nutritional powerhouses spirulina and chlorella, blue-green algae that are rich in both phytonutrients and micronutrients, such as vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and iron. 

The next most prevalent ingredients are the nutrient-dense gluten-free grasses wheatgrass and barley grass juice powder, which have copious amounts of the phytonutrient chlorophyll

The formula continues to provide a wealth of nutrition through leafy greens such as kale and dandelion leaf, vegetables such as broccoli and nopal cactus powder, and plenty of herbs and roots from burdock root and ginger to horsetail, moringa, and nettle leaf. 

An additional way to tell that a greens powder has chosen nourishing superfoods is by taking a peek at its supplement facts panel. Super Greens contains over 22 essential vitamins and minerals that are derived solely from its whole-food ingredients, and none of them are synthetically added.

Finally, there are no added sugars, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or colors, fillers or additives. 

Athletic Greens Ingredients

Athletic Greens Ingredients

Athletic greens comes in hot with an astounding 45 superfood ingredients. On top of this, they also add synthetic vitamins and minerals, 7.2 billion CFU probiotics, prebiotic fibers, and a digestive enzyme. Totaling 75 ingredients, AG1 attempts to pack in quite a bit in one scoop.

This greens powder is NSF third-party tested and produced in a GMP-Certified facility. Athletic Greens’ formula has six organic ingredients, including spirulina, apple powder, wheatgrass, alfalfa, chlorella, and barley leaf.

Athletic Greens splits up their ingredients into four subsets:

This one contains the above organic ingredients, along with a dose of prebiotic fiber and other leafy greens, green vegetables, roots, and herbs.

Along with pea protein powder, ingredients in this blend include antioxidant supplements like CoQ10, as well as herbs such as ginseng and Rhodiola. 

As the name suggests, this complex includes just one digestive enzyme along with adaptogenic mushrooms like shiitake and reishi.

AG1 contains 7.2 billion CFU probiotics from two strains. 

Unlike Live it Up Super Greens, AG1 does add synthetic vitamins and minerals. However, there are no other added fillers, additives, or artificial sweeteners. 

Athletic Greens vs. Live it Up Super Greens Taste 

There are strong supporters of the taste for both Athletic Greens as well as Live it Up Super Greens. Check out the flavor profile highlights below. 

Live it Up Super Greens Taste 

Live it Up Super Greens comes across with a natural taste: refreshing with a crisp, lightly sweet mint flavor. The mint is not an artificial flavor but rather comes from peppermint leaves. This greens powder is naturally sweetened with monk fruit. 

While currently there is only one flavor, there have been hints dropped that a second flavor may be available later in 2023. 

Most consumers’ comments highlight the flavor’s palatability, with very few negative comments. An additional possible benefit is how finely ground Super Greens is, with many consumers enjoying the smooth texture and how well it mixes with beverages. 

Athletic Greens Taste 

AG1 takes a slightly different route and introduces a somewhat sweet vanilla flavor to its greens powder. People also mention a hint of pineapple and papaya with undertones of greens. 

While pineapple and papaya are ingredients in this formula, the vanilla flavor likely stems from the “natural flavors” in the “Other Ingredients” category. Also, if you are trying to avoid stevia, this greens formula does use it as a sweetener. 

Athletic Greens also has a strong following when it comes to taste, with many people enjoying its addition to their diet. In terms of texture, some people state that larger particles settle at the bottom, making it more difficult to get down all the essential nutrients. 

Athletic Greens vs. Live it Up Super Greens Cost 

Just how much do super greens powders cost? The price can vary dramatically from product to product, so if cost is an important factor for you, be sure to review this section before making your decision. 

Live it Up Super Greens Cost 

Live it Up Super Greens costs $1.33 per serving. For an all-natural superfood powder with a great variety of superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, this price point is quite remarkable. What does this mean per bag? Here’s what you’ll be spending:

  • $39.99 for a monthly single subscription
  • $59.99 for a one-time purchase
  • $69.99 for a monthly double subscription 

Athletic Greens Cost 

Athletic Greens' price is $2.63 per serving. Whether this high price point stems from the sheer number of ingredients or is amped up from its popularity, Athletic Greens is not only twice the cost of Live it Up Super Greens, but also one of the priciest super greens powders on the market today. What does this mean per bag? Here’s what you’ll be spending:

  • $79 for a monthly subscription
  • $99 for a one-time purchase
  • $149 for a monthly double subscription 

Why Choose Live it Up Super Greens 

While Athletic Greens and Live it Up Super Greens are both high-end products, in this head-to-head mashup, Super Greens comes out on top for us. Here’s why Live it Up Super Greens is a great choice:

1. All its superfood ingredients are rich in nutrients, and it contains digestive enzymes and 5 billion CFU probiotics to help support gut function. This super greens powder also has high quality and safety standards with third-party testing and GMP-Certified manufacturing. 

2. It doesn’t over-pack each scoop with too many ingredients. Rather, it lets each of the select superfoods (and their potential benefits) shine with a higher concentration. 

3. It’s all-natural. Nothing artificial or unneeded is added, not even synthetic vitamins and minerals. 

4. Finally, great taste.

Final Thoughts

With today’s fast-paced lives, we’re all looking for a quick dose of nutrition to help us feel our best. Live it Up Super Greens is a high-quality greens powder and would make a great first step in bringing your health to the next level.

Greens powders are considered a dietary supplement. Because of this, it’s important to check with your healthcare provider to ensure a greens powder is right for you. The good news is that most people tolerate greens powders well and can get started without delay.

Additionally, while fresh produce and whole foods within a healthy diet are ideal, the best greens powders can help up your vegetable intake and nutrient absorption.

Ready to take the leap? Check out Live it Up Super Greens to start laying the foundation of your health today.

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