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How Do I Choose the Best Beef Stock Substitute?

Selecting the ideal beef stock substitute depends on your dish's desired flavor and dietary needs. Vegetable broth offers a vegetarian-friendly option, while chicken stock maintains a rich, savory base. For depth without liquid, try umami-packed soy sauce or Worcestershire. What will your kitchen experiment reveal as the perfect stand-in for beef stock in your next culinary creation?
Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

There are a number of beef stock substitutes, so in order to choose the best one, you will need to consider your particular needs. If you have no objections to using a beef-based product, and just cannot find actual stock, it is possible to use beef bouillon cubes in most recipes that call for beef stock. You can also use various other stocks, such as chicken or vegetable, though the flavor of your dish will typically be different. If you need a good beef stock substitute for a vegetarian dish, you may want to consider using vegetable stock with some autolyzed yeast or yeast extract added. Various dehydrated powders, such as onion soup mixes, can also be used as a satisfactory beef stock substitute when making vegetarian soups.

Beef stock is produced by simmering beef bones and meat in water to extract the flavor. The solid materials are then strained and removed, resulting in a watery, flavorful substance that can be used in making sauces, soups, and many other dishes. A similar process is also used to make stocks out of other meats, and vegetarian stock can also be made out of vegetables. Commercially produced stocks are readily available if you do not wish to simmer your own, as are a range of potential substitutes.

Chicken stock may be substituted for beef stock.
Chicken stock may be substituted for beef stock.

The best beef substitute is beef bouillon cubes, which are actually dehydrated stock. If you cannot find stock and do not wish to make your own, these cubes can be used as a beef stock substitute in nearly every case. This will typically result in a dish that tastes the same as one made with actual stock, though beef bouillon can be very salty. It is also possible to use chicken stock or bouillon in many cases, though this will result in a different flavor that may not work in some dishes.

Vegetarian dishes can be made with vegetable stock.
Vegetarian dishes can be made with vegetable stock.

You also have a number of options for a beef stock substitute if you are making a vegetarian dish. The primary vegetarian substitute for beef stock is vegetable stock, though you may find this does not provide you with the same type of savory flavor. One way to make vegetable broth into a better beef stock substitute is adding yeast extract. If you are making soup that calls for beef stock, you can try using an onion soup mix, though a little soy sauce is another option to consider. It is also possible to simply substitute water for beef stock in some recipes, though this will typically result in less flavor.

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@donasmrs-- Bouillon cubes and commercial made stock are practically the same thing. One is dehydrated, that's it.

I actually use dry onion soup mix as a beef stock substitute. It's sort of like bouillon, but more delicious. There are many possible alternatives for beef stock in the soup section of the grocery. I've even tried a dry miso packet in place of beef stock before and it turned out quite good!


@anamur-- I agree with you! I don't even like the commercially made stocks. I bought some once and it had littler flavor, it was like water with salt.

Plus, the great part about stock is not just the flavor, but also the vitamins, minerals and healthy fats inside. This is why when I don't have beef stock, I prefer to use homemade chicken or vegetable stock. I figure that these have more nutrients than the commercially made beef stocks.

bouillonBeef stock is best made fresh, nothing else compares to it. Unfortunately, I don't always have fresh beef stock on hand or beef and bones to make some. So I keep some beef bouillon cubes at home just in case. It's the closest substitute, but I admit that I'm not a big fan of boullion cubes. They're not very natural and they have way too much salt in them. So as often as I can, I prepare fresh beef stock at home and freeze it to use later.
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    • Chicken stock may be substituted for beef stock.
      By: fkruger
      Chicken stock may be substituted for beef stock.
    • Vegetarian dishes can be made with vegetable stock.
      By: Dani Vincek
      Vegetarian dishes can be made with vegetable stock.