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How Do I Choose the Best Cutlery Tray?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

When choosing the best cutlery tray for your kitchen, think about how much money you want to spend as well as how important the overall look is to you. If the appearance of this storage piece in your kitchen drawer isn't important and you want to spend the least amount of money possible, you may want to choose an inexpensive plastic cutlery tray. If, on the other hand, style is crucial to you, a fancier type of tray in which to store your everyday flatware is going to be a better choice.

Stainless steel mesh designs in cutlery trays can look sophisticated. They tend to be strong as well as attractive in their appearance. There is also less chance of damage than in choosing a plastic tray, as that style is more likely to crack over time. Unlike solid plastic flatware trays, mesh metal designs allow any crumbs to fall through the tray to the bottom of the drawer. This can make the trays cleaner and easier to keep clean.


The wooden variety of cutlery tray is popular in either light or dark finishes. If you have a rustic decor or a lot of wood accents in your kitchen, you may want to consider this style. They often have straight sides and evenly divided compartments. If you love the warmth of wood, this tray type may be a better choice for you than metal or plastic cutlery holders.

If you are going to choose a plastic tray, consider picking one that is thick and sturdy. You also may decide to select a design with rounded, molded sections made to hold knives, forks and spoons rather than rectangular compartments. The more fitted sections tend to keep cutlery in neater stacks when the kitchen drawer is opened because that design helps hold the utensils in place. A white plastic cutlery tray can look clean and efficient; this may be the right choice for you if these qualities are what you value most for your kitchen.

A clear acrylic plastic tray to hold your cutlery can also look clean and efficient as well as have a more sophisticated appearance to it. Transparent plastic cutlery trays can work with any type of cabinet look, such as white laminate, painted or wood grain. They allow more of the drawer's interior finish, or a shelf lining product, to show than opaque cutlery trays.

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