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How Do I Choose the Best Mini Oven?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

When purchasing a mini oven, there are many factors involved. The size of your budget is important because it can play a role in determining the size and brand of your purchase. Deciding what features might be useful for you is also a big part of the selection process.

There are many different types of mini ovens, produced in a wide variety of styles and by many manufacturers. One of the best ways to narrow down the selection is to determine the maximum amount of money you possibly could spend. By deciding on a budget, you can automatically disregard models and brands that are out of your price range, focusing instead only on the items that you can afford. For people with very strict budgets it is possible to find mini ovens at very inexpensive prices, but cheaper models often do not last as long because of lower quality parts and construction.

Some mini ovens come with stove-top burners.
Some mini ovens come with stove-top burners.

When choosing a mini oven, you will need to think about what you require of the appliance. Many mini ovens come with extra features that could be beneficial for you. Some manufacturers create ovens that contain other types of cooking elements as well, such as stove-top burners and toasters. Designed for more experienced cooks, specialty mini ovens may come with a steaming function or utilize infrared heating. Choosing one with cooking elements you would use most frequently may make you happier with your purchase.

Mini ovens are available in an assortment of sizes. The size of the location where the mini oven will be placed should be considered when purchasing. It may be preferable to choose the smallest and most basic mini oven that you can find if you have limited space available. If you want a mini oven that has many additional features, you may want to select one that is a bit larger in size.

It is important to check for all of a mini oven’s key features before purchase. Some things to look for include a built in timer and an interior lighting source. You also should determine if the mini oven only has knobs and dials or contains a digital display. If you plan to move the oven frequently for use on camping trips or other trips, you may want to check the weight of the mini oven to ensure ease of mobility. Manufacturing material also may be significant for some people, and many people prefer stainless steel.

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The Cuisinart TOB-195 is great.

We had to think twice though before purchasing a mini oven at this price. It is a great decision because we use it so often. For a fancy appliance with many features, the controls are intuitive and easy use. There is a signal to let you know when the oven has come up to temperature and another bell for the timer. These are handy features that help you get consistent results and not burn food.


I have a little mini pizza oven that is designed especially for cooking frozen pizzas. It is just the right size and it creates a perfect balance between the cooking on the top and the bottom. Gooey cheese on top, crispy crust on the bottom.

I have to confess that I eat at least three or four frozen pizzas a week. It's kind of a staple in my diet. When I saw this little small oven in the store I knew I needed to get it. I am loving my pizzas more than ever now.


I once lived in a teeny tiny studio apartment in Manhattan and all I had was a mini convection oven that must have been thirty years old.

Its wasn't good for much more than making toast and maybe heating up a piece of meat. In general I tried to avoid using it. I was convinced that it was going to lead to the building burning down.


In my experience it is best to invest a little bit of money in a mini oven and not leap straight for the least expensive option. I have had three or four over the years and the first three were the cheapest I could find. They all broke. The fourth model was mid-ranged and it has worked great for over 4 years now. You get what you pay for.

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    • Some mini ovens come with stove-top burners.
      By: Maygutyak
      Some mini ovens come with stove-top burners.