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How Do I Choose the Best Packaging for Cupcakes?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

When choosing the best packaging for cupcakes, it's important to only consider containers that will keep the baked goods intact. No one wants to purchase beautiful-looking cupcakes only to arrive home with the frosting crushed and attached to the inside packaging instead of the tops of the little cakes. Viewing all of your options in the sizes you need and comparing the cost for the value and efficiency you'll get can help you find the best packaging for cupcakes.

Single cupcake packaging options include glossy cardboard cylinders with a lid as well as clear acrylic or paper boxes. Individual cupcake boxes made from heavy paper or thin cardboard often have a clear cellophane "window" on the top. This can be a better choice than the covered cardboard type if you want the frosted top of your cupcakes to show. The clear acrylic boxes show the entire cupcake and can be made fancier by attaching a ribbon bow to the top of each box. It's best to choose the clear boxes that have a cardboard insert at the bottom though as these can keep the cupcake from moving around.

Paper boxes may be used to package cupcakes.
Paper boxes may be used to package cupcakes.

For customers who will be eating their cupcake at your store or bake sale, a really inexpensive idea is to use some wax paper and plastic food wrap. Place the frosted cupcake in the center of a square of wax paper and bring up the corners so they rise up above the dessert, but let the frosting around the edge "glue" the paper on. You can then add a square of plastic wrap on the top and secure it at the bottom of the cupcake. If the frosting has already hardened somewhat, you can vary this idea for packaging for cupcakes by still using the wax paper, but replacing the plastic wrap with cellophane brought up and tied with ribbon.

Bulk packages, such as boxes made of clear acrylic or cardboard, are typically available to hold 6-24 cupcakes. Again, it's a good idea to choose packaging that includes holders to keep each cupcake steady. Just as most bulk boxes of chocolates have a thin plastic tray with an indentation for each piece of candy, there is box style packaging for cupcakes that use a similar method. Think about whether a flip top box opening or a slide out drawer-like cupcake system would be best for your products and customers.

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I've always loved cupcakes. However, I prefer to make them homemade. The ones that are store bought always seem a bit stale, and they lack the flavor that the homemade ones have to offer. Speaking of which, has anyone seen a show on Food Network called Cupcake Wars? It's a show about competitors in a cupcake competition. I really don't care for it, to be honest. It's pretty melodramatic, and there's a lot of vicious competition over something as simple as cupcakes.


@Chmander - I agree somewhat. Also, on the contrary, there are also cases where it's been quite the opposite. Sometimes, we spend so much time working on the wrapping and presentation, that we forget that it's more of what's on the inside that counts. I'm not saying that the package should be shoved into a box without much thought or reason, but it's important to take both factors into consideration. Overall, package and presentation are parts of a whole, and should be handled with caution and care.

I like how the article mentions how it's always important to choose the best packaging for cupcakes, and various desserts alone. Obviously, cupcakes are supposed to be delicious, but the package is a part of a presentation, right? It can always make what you're about to receive a lot more appealing. For example - during the holidays, if you received a really nice present, it would have much more appeal if it came with a nice outer wrapping, and wasn't just stuffed in a dirty cardboard box. Overall, presentation is everything.

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    • Paper boxes may be used to package cupcakes.
      Paper boxes may be used to package cupcakes.