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What Are Garnet Yams?

Garnet yams are a vibrant, sweet variety of sweet potatoes with a deep orange flesh that's packed with flavor and nutrients. Despite their name, they're not true yams but rather a type of sweet potato cherished for their versatility in the kitchen. Curious about how to incorporate garnet yams into your meals? Let's explore their culinary potential together.
Eugene P.
Eugene P.

The garnet yam is a type of root vegetable native to South and Central America. Although it is called a yam, the tuber is actually a sweet potato. Throughout the United States, garnet yams tend to be the most frequently found yam in conventional grocery stores. The flesh of the yam is sweet and moist, often leading it to be paired with ingredients such as maple syrup and brown sugar. Even though many recipes accent the sweetness of garnet yams, there also are a number of savory preparations that can turn the versatile tuber into a sturdy and flavorful side dish for any meat entree.

The skin of uncooked garnet yams is a brownish-red, sometimes with a more golden tint. The flesh inside the tuber is a rich, brilliant orange, sometimes with a distinctive red undertone. This makes it easily identifiable from other types of sweet potatoes. When cooked, the skin of the yam tends to become leathery and fibrous and is not generally eaten because of this texture. The meat inside, however, can be roasted until very soft with a buttery taste and some sweetness that can be developed with further cooking.

Gouda pairs well with yams.
Gouda pairs well with yams.

One of the more well known uses for garnet yams is as a side dish for American Thanksgiving dinners. The dish usually involves baking the yams until they are soft and then pureeing them, mixing the flesh with brown sugar, maple syrup and other sweet ingredients. The mixture is baked, sometimes until the top has caramelized and sometimes with a layer of nuts on top. Different versions of the dish include glazing slices of the yams and roasting them until tender and candy-like, or even including fruits in the puree for added sweetness and texture.

The garnet yam is native to Central and South America.
The garnet yam is native to Central and South America.

Roasted garnet yams are very flexible and adapt well to different styles of cooking. One way they are used is mixed with eggs and formed into patties that can be fried and still retain a firm shape while developing a sweet crust on the outside. These patties can be filled with other ingredients, such as chard or cheese. They also can be used as an interesting presentation element for larger entrees such as salmon or pork.

Garnets yams are often paired with maple syrup.
Garnets yams are often paired with maple syrup.

Savory preparations of garnet yams are common as well. A type of yam hash can be made by pan frying cubes of the yams in olive oil along with ground pork or diced Italian sausages. The yams can be used alongside other vegetables, such as carrots, yucca or even traditional potatoes, to create mashed potatoes that have a surprising taste. Hard cheeses such as Parmesan couple well with the tuber, as do some younger cheeses, such as Gouda.

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@ocelot60- I like to bake garnet yams until they are soft, then serve them with butter and cinnamon. This is a great way to compliment the flavor of the yams without adding additional sugar to them.

Another way to prepare yams without sugar is to cut them into cubes, sprinkle olive oil, salt, and pepper on the pieces, and roast them in the oven. You can even mix them with other tuber vegetables like parsnips, carrots, and potatoes to create a tasty side dish that contains a variety of flavors that compliment each other perfectly.


Though garnet yams are great when paired with sugar and maple syrup, a lot of people are trying to cut out extra sweets from their diets. What is an alternative way to make these yams that doesn't require a lot of sugar or syrup but still enhances their flavor?

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    • Gouda pairs well with yams.
      By: rafcha
      Gouda pairs well with yams.
    • The garnet yam is native to Central and South America.
      By: photorebelle
      The garnet yam is native to Central and South America.
    • Garnets yams are often paired with maple syrup.
      By: Bert Folsom
      Garnets yams are often paired with maple syrup.
    • Garnet yams can be used as a presentation element for salmon and other entrees.
      By: seqoya
      Garnet yams can be used as a presentation element for salmon and other entrees.