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What Are Honey Crystals?

G. D. Palmer
G. D. Palmer

Honey crystals, also known as dried honey, are dry, crystalline granules produced from liquid honey. Though some are not made from pure honey, extra flavors are often added for a different taste profile. Commercial food manufacturers often use these crystals instead of liquid honey to add flavor to cereals, sauces, and other products. Home cooks may use honey crystals as a less messy alternative to liquid honey or as a sugar substitute in baking and cooking, although they may produce different results than what is expected.

Dried honey products come in crystal form, like sugar, but are also available as granules, flakes, and powders. Since honey contains a high percentage of fructose and absorbs water easily, most honey crystals also contain processing aids to reduce caking or stickiness. These may include bran, lecithin, and wheat starch, as well as soy flour or calcium stearate. Some of these anti-caking agents, however, can make some honey crystals unsuitable for people on diets that restrict gluten or other food ingredients.

A honey bee.
A honey bee.

Not all honey crystals are pure honey. High fructose and ordinary corn syrup, cane sugar, and beet sugar, as well as maltodextrin or non-nutritive sweeteners may be added to the honey to reduce costs or change the flavor. Most dried honey products list their honey content as a percentage on the package. Honey crystal formulations range from as little as 50% to nearly 100% honey. Products labeled as “all-natural” cannot contain chemical sweeteners or additives, but may not be pure honey.

Sugar from sugar beets are sometimes added to honey.
Sugar from sugar beets are sometimes added to honey.

Honey crystals work well as a hot or cold beverage sweetener, as a dessert topping, or in barbecue rubs. They may also be used to sweeten fruit and seasoning mixes or sauces. Flavored honey crystal products are available as beverage sweeteners and instant drinks, especially in Asia and Asian expatriate communities, with common flavors including ginger and chrysanthemum.

Honey can be dried into crystalline granuales.
Honey can be dried into crystalline granuales.

Using these flavored crystals in cooking or baking can produce unexpected results. Cooks should test flavored crystals carefully before substituting them for sugar or unflavored dried honey. In light-colored food, they can produce an undesirable color, since the crystals range from light tan to medium brown, while darker honey crystals usually produce a stronger flavor.

Dried honey products cost more per ounce than equivalent sugar crystals, but provide greater sweetening power. Liquid honey is approximately 25% sweeter than dry sucrose, but can affect the moisture balance in recipes. The sweetening power of honey crystals also depends on their purity. Crystals that contain more honey produce a sweeter, more pronounced flavor.

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@burcinc-- I haven't used honey crystals in brewing, but I have baked with it and it was a success.

The honey crystals I use are made from sugar cane syrup, molasses and honey. It has a richer and sweeter flavor than regular honey. It's also much healthier than regular sugar. I love using it in baking for this reason. The rest of the household also uses it to sweeten drinks.

I think you should try it in beer, it might turn out good.


Has anyone used honey crystals in beer? I heard it makes a very sweet beer when added during the brewing process.


I bought a product labeled "all natural honey crystals" thinking that it's real, dried honey. I should have looked at the ingredients list. My husband pointed out to me at home that the first ingredient is sugar!

I can't believe they would trick consumers like that! I was so excited about trying honey crystals.

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    • A honey bee.
      By: artist_as
      A honey bee.
    • Sugar from sugar beets are sometimes added to honey.
      By: alukards
      Sugar from sugar beets are sometimes added to honey.
    • Honey can be dried into crystalline granuales.
      By: Dionisvera
      Honey can be dried into crystalline granuales.