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What are Some Different Types of Ice Cream Cones?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

There are many different types of ice cream cones on the market. Some are baked into cone or cup shapes while others are rolled into cone shapes. Before the invention of the ice cream cone, people would lick ice cream out of dishes called penny lick ice cream glasses, as the treats were sold for 1 cent apiece. Wafer, waffle, sugar and bowl are some of the most popular types of cones.

Wafer cones are also sometimes called cake cones. They are often lighter in texture and thinner than the other types and are sometimes made with cake flour to create an even more delicate composition. Wafer cones may be pointed or cup-shaped.

An ice cream cone.
An ice cream cone.

Waffle cones are very popular variety. They have the texture produced by a waffle iron and are usually rolled and formed into a cone shape. Waffle cones are often thick and may even be double rolled for extra strength and thickness. Chocolate waffle cones often have some melted chocolate added to the batter and are very dark in color.

Sugar cones are the sweetest type of cone as they have the most sugar added. White sugar and molasses are usually used to make them, but sometimes, brown sugar is used to produce a slightly darker cone. Like some waffle cones, sugar cones may also be double rolled.

Bowl ice cream cones are bowl-shaped. Many people enjoy this type because it allows them to eat the bowl once the ice cream is finished. Other novelty cones may be available, such as those shaped like a pig trough.

Soft serve ice cream.
Soft serve ice cream.

Before the cone shape was used to hold ice cream, it was associated with much fancier desserts. In the 18th century, cone-shaped pastries called coronets, or little horns, were filled with fruit creams and ice creams to serve at dinner parties. Waffle coronets and flavored whipping creams were added later. An Italian man was thought to have started selling ice cream in cones in Manchester, England, in the mid-1800s. They became known as Hokey Pokeys and made the former fancy type of coronet into an inexpensive version that could be sold on the street to passers-by.

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You both are making me hungry for ice cream and good cones! I would love to try making homemade waffle cones sometime. I would definitely go to the Ben and Jerry company ice cream shop if I ever get to Vermont. Thanks so much to you both for your great tips and comments!


@ PelesTears - You can make your own waffle and sugar cones at home with or without a waffle iron. The waffle batter recipe can be found easily online, but it mainly consists of butter, sugar eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, flour, and salt. You can add finely minced pieces of dried fruit to give your cone a flavorful and festive appearance.

I don't have a waffle cone iron so I use a non stick omelet pan set to medium low heat. Once the batter is made, pour in about a half cup, and tilt the pan until it spreads to the edges of the pan. Flip after a couple of minutes to brown the other side. Once you have a perfectly browned waffle/crepe roll your waffle into a cone, or form it into a bowl over a small ramikin. Let the cones cool and set aside. It makes for a great conversation piece when you serve sundaes in homemade waffle cones as the last course at a dinner party.


I love ice cream (as I'm sure billions of others do), and the best Ice cream cone I've ever had was at Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory in Waterbury Vermont. I used to live nearby, and I would go to Ben & Jerry's scoop shop at least once a month for their freshly made chocolate dipped waffle cones. The entire scoop shop smells like sweet waffle cones, and if you time your visit early enough you can get your ice cream packed into a still warm cone (Absolutely delicious).

If you ever get the chance to travel to Vermont and go to the factory scoop shop, stuffing a warm waffle cone with Dulce Almond is a wise choice. To try this insanely good blend of dark caramel, vanilla ice cream and almond praline crunch you will have to travel to Vermont because it is a company scoop shop only flavor (I live in Arizona so this is a real drag). It brings back memories of the long retired flavor Rainforest Crunch.

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    • An ice cream cone.
      By: dim@dim
      An ice cream cone.
    • Soft serve ice cream.
      By: m.u.ozmen
      Soft serve ice cream.
    • Most sugar cones contain white sugar and molasses.
      By: librakv
      Most sugar cones contain white sugar and molasses.