What are Some Types of Seasonal Candy Corn?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

No matter what the occasion, there is always a demand for candy corn. As a staple around many holidays as well as certain seasons of the year, candy corn is as basic to the high points of the year as the holidays themselves. Here are a few examples of seasonal candy corn that can brighten up every season of the year.

Two young boys
Two young boys

Winter is a very good time to find several varieties of seasonal candy corn. Shortly after the New Year has begun, stores will begin preparing for that day of love, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. In a short time, the shops will feature mixtures of red and white seasonal candy corn. Some will be the traditional two-tone design, while some manufacturers opt for mixing red and white pieces of candy corn in one container. Often seasoned with either cherry or cinnamon flavor, Valentine candy corn can add a bit of spice to the holiday.

As winter fades and spring is born, things will be hopping with bunny corn. A favorite in candy dishes when Easter time is beckoning, this type of seasonal candy corn often comes in a rainbow of pastels. The light colors fit in nicely with just about every Easter décor and are certainly a way to keep the kids interested in enjoying the day. Easter candy corn is relatively new in comparison to some other traditional varieties of candy corn, but it has quickly found a loyal audience.

Summertime brings lots of sunshine and lots of patriotism in several countries. In the United States, seasonal candy corn with a red, white, and blue motif often become available just as spring gives way to summer, and continues to be available all the way through to Independence Day. As a little extra to sprinkle around Fourth of July picnics and buffet tables, this seasonal candy corn is a quick treat for anyone who is waiting for the hamburgers and hot dogs to leave the grill and come to the table.

Autumn brings cooler weather and many crops are harvested and prepared for use in the winter. Along with the cooler weather also comes the time of year when the most popular seasonal candy corn of them all makes an appearance. Just about everyone remembers Halloween candy shaped as kernels of corn. Designed to mimic the colorful appearance of Indian corn, this fall favorite finds its way into trick or treat sacks as well as hanging around the den and living room in the candy dish. Often, these red, white, and yellow combinations remain popular all the way through to the days of Thanksgiving.

With the closing of the year comes the completion of the cycle, as autumn gives way to winter once again. The cold of winter is not left without seasonal candy corn to mark the time of year. As people gear up for the last holidays of the year, brightly colored decorations, chocolate Santas, and lots of tree trimming are accompanied by glass containers full of Christmas corn. Some are colored with red and green dyes, while others are hued to resemble traditional reindeer corn. Flavors range from spicy apple cinnamon to comforting vanilla. Christmas corn often becomes part of hostess gifts as people visit open houses and other social events during the holiday season.

For people that love the treat, the fact that seasonal candy corn can be found just about any time of the year is a cause for celebration. With a shot of color and plenty of sweet taste to keep everyone in a good mood, seasonal candy corn is a great option.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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I had no idea there was fourth of July candy corn. What is this world coming to?

I have to say, I don't like the seasonal candy corn. I think that candy corn should be for Halloween. Christmas candy corn, or God forbid, Valentines candy corn should not be.

I love to eat it, but I feel that it should be a once a year thing -- to me, it's not candy corn if it's not the classic yellow, orange and white candy corn.


Back in the day when I was growing up, we actually only had candy corn at Halloween -- there was no Christmas candy corn or Easter candy corn.

Unfortunately, candy corn is my absolute favorite kind of candy, so I used to buy it up in bulk whenever Halloween came around.

Luckily, bulk candy corn lasts a really long time if you don't open it all at once, so I was set for at least a few months after Halloween.

But now I don't have to worry -- I can indulge my candy corn addiction any time of the year.


I am definitely one of those people who is glad that there's holiday candy corn to be had year round.

I only with that the same could be said for other retro candy like that -- I mean, you don't really see those little Valentine's day hearts year round (perhaps understandably), or Fourth of July caramels.

Too bad -- I think that there would be a huge market for those things! At least I've still got candy corn to get me through.

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