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What Are the Best Tips for Making a Shrimp Quiche?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

Shrimp quiche is a baked dish comprised of a filling of eggs and other ingredients in a pastry shell. The use of quality shrimp, pastry and other ingredients; proper preparation of shrimp; and the use of correct oven temperature and proper baking time are ways that a cook might make his or her shrimp quiche better. Shrimp quiche has a variety of preparations, so a person can review several recipes and choose the one that seems to be the best.

The use of quality ingredients is one great way to help a dish taste as good as possible. Shrimp should be high quality, although it's possible to use fresh or frozen shrimp and still produce a quality dish. There are a variety of pastry recipes one might use when making quiche, but a common one is shortcrust pastry. This type of pastry uses more flour than fat, so it is not as flaky as other pastry recipes, but it usually produces a very good pastry that many cooks use to prepare quiche recipes. Quiche recipes also call for eggs and dairy ingredients, so cooks should take care in selecting suitable types of these ingredients as well.


Shrimp preparation is a tricky task for many cooks because the cooking time is not very long, and overcooking produces an undesirable texture. When preparing shrimp for quiche, de-vein and peel the shrimp so that it can be eaten easily with the rest of the quiche. Shrimp should be cooked just until it begins to turn pink and slightly opaque. Some quiche recipes require the shrimp to be cooked before adding it to the quiche, but others have the preparer place the shrimp in the quiche before baking it. In the latter case, it's important to pay careful attention to the cooking time and internal temperature to ensure that the shrimp is not overcooked.

Quiche recipes call for dairy and eggs.
Quiche recipes call for dairy and eggs.

One thing that makes quiche a difficult recipe to prepare is the need for precision baking. To cook the eggs and other ingredients fully while avoiding overcooking, make sure that his or her oven temperature is accurate. After the shrimp quiche has been placed in the oven, a thermometer can be used to ensure that the internal temperature of the quiche is correct and that the ingredients have been sufficiently cooked. Using a thermometer that remains inside the shrimp quiche or using an infrared thermometer are some ways to check the temperature while baking.

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I have a recipe for a "crustless" quiche that uses grits as the crust. I can see tweaking this recipe to add cheese to the grits and making a shrimp and grits quiche. The very thought makes my mouth water.

Add a little andouille sausage, or maybe some regular crumbled, cooked pork breakfast sausage and make some brown gravy to serve with it. I'd also add green onions to the mix. This is starting to sound really, really good. I think I'm going to have to do some experimenting on that line. Sounds wonderful for Christmas morning breakfast/brunch!


I'd use peeled, deveined, tailed shrimp, cut into bite sized pieces. I might blanch it for literally one minute, but no more. Put the blanched shrimp into the egg mixture and bake as usual.

Seasoning is critical for good shrimp quiche. I like Old Bay for anything with fish or seafood, and if I want a little kick, I add Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning. It also helps add a little salt.

You have to make sure your eggs are really foamy when you do a shrimp quiche especially, so that your quiche is especially fluffy for the best texture. Makes me hungry to think about it.

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    • Shrimp.
      By: nito
    • Quiche recipes call for dairy and eggs.
      By: Dmytro Sukharevskyy
      Quiche recipes call for dairy and eggs.