What Are the Best Tips for Shipping Cheesecake?

A.E. Freeman

Before shipping cheesecake, a person should make sure the cake is properly wrapped and packaged with dry ice. Standard shipping should be avoided, as it is imperative that cheesecake arrive at its destination quickly. The date of shipping should be chosen with care. When shipping cheesecake, the sender should label the package so that it is handled properly by the shipping company and the person receiving the cake.

Labels should be written with permanent markers.
Labels should be written with permanent markers.

As cheesecake is a perishable item, it needs to be kept cool during shipping. Most of the time, it is a good idea to freeze it before shipping cheesecake. The dessert should be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap so that it retains a smooth texture and doesn't get freezer burn.

Cheesecake can be packed in dry ice for shipping.
Cheesecake can be packed in dry ice for shipping.

Once frozen, the cheesecake should be packaged with dry ice packs to keep it cool in transit. Another option is to use gel ice packs if dry ice is not available. Some people may want to package the cake and ice packs in a cooler to provide insulation. Standard ice packs made of water should be avoided, as they will leak and cause the package to be delayed.

Standard shipping takes too long for the cheesecake to arrive in edible condition. When shipping cheesecake, the shipper should choose overnight or at the very least two-day shipping. Any situation in which the cheesecake would wind up sitting in the warehouse over a weekend should be avoided. If a person does ship on a Thursday or Friday, she should also purchase Saturday delivery so that the cake does not sit in the package.

The packaging should be clearly labeled when shipping cheesecake. "Keep refrigerated" and "fragile" should be written on the box so that the shipping company and recipient know how to handle the package. The label on the package should be clearly written in permanent marker and large letters.

Before sending the cheesecake off, the sender should let the recipient know that it is on its way and the expected date of delivery so that the person is available to receive the package. The cake shouldn't be sent to an office building, as there may not be a refrigerator there. In some cases, the office may be closed when the cake arrives. Some shippers will leave a package if no one answers the door, but some may not. It's generally not a good idea to let a package with cheesecake sit on someone's front porch or in the entryway for hours.

The recipient of a cheesecake should  be informed that it is coming so they'll be available to receive it.
The recipient of a cheesecake should be informed that it is coming so they'll be available to receive it.

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@talentryto- Another option is to try to locate a bakery that makes cheesecakes in the area that you want to ship one. Instead of shipping it from hundreds of miles away, chances are you will be able to have one made right in the city or town where you want it shipped, and even be able to have it delivered on the same day.


I have tried shipping cheesecakes before, and they never seemed to arrive without some kind of damage. That's why it's best to have a professional shipping company take care of this delicate task for you. These businesses understand what it takes to ship perishable, delicate food items, and aren't too costly to use.

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