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What Are the Different Types of Gluten-Free Drinks?

Gluten-free drinks cater to diverse tastes, from refreshing fruit juices and smoothies to invigorating coffees and teas. For those seeking a spirited option, gluten-free beers, wines, and distilled spirits like vodka and gin are available. Each offers a safe sipping experience for those with gluten sensitivities. Curious about how these beverages fit into your lifestyle? Let's explore the possibilities together.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Gluten-free drinks abound and range from pure water to tea and milk. Many fruit juices, such as orange juice and lemonade, are gluten-free, as are sports drinks such as Gatorade® and some flavors of Powerade®, including Berry Blast, Mountain Blast and all flavors of ION4. Some energy drinks, including all flavors of FUZE® and NOS Energy Drinks®, are also gluten-free. Many V8® juices, such as V8® Splash Peach Mango, and all Dole® and Welch's® fruit juices, are also gluten-free.

Many fruit juices and fruit-flavored beverages are gluten-free, including Minute Maid's® Pomegranate Blueberry, Pomegranate Lemonade and Pomegranate Flavored Tea. Lemonade, include Country Time®, Simply Lemonade® and Minute Maid® are gluten-free drinks. Also gluten-free are Minute Maid® Multi-Vitamin Orange Juice, and Simply Orange® with Pineapple and Simply Orange® with Mango. Other fruit juices are also gluten-free, including Simply Apple®, Simply Grapefruit® and Simply Limeade®. All of Del Monte's® and Minute Maid's® 100% juice options without added ingredients are gluten-free.

A pitcher of lemonade.
A pitcher of lemonade.

Mott's® Apple Juice, Light Apple Juice Beverage and Kids Plus Apple, Grape and Punch are gluten-free drinks. All of Nestle's® Juicy Juice flavors and Snapple® flavors are gluten-free. Ocean Spray® also offers gluten-free juice, including apple juice, white grapefruit juice and cranberry cocktail juice.

Campbell's® offers vegetable-filled gluten-free drinks, including tomato juice, organic tomato juice and low-sodium tomato juice. V8® also offers an assortment of gluten-free beverages, such as V8® Splash Smoothie Strawberry Banana, V8® Splash Smoothie Tropical Colada and V8® Fiber Vegetable Juice. Other V8® Splash flavors which are gluten-free include mango peach, berry blend and fruit medley. V8® Fusion drinks also feature many gluten-free options, such as peach mango, strawberry banana and cranberry blackberry.

Orange juice is gluten-fee.
Orange juice is gluten-fee.

Plain coffee is gluten-free, but some additives and flavorings can contain gluten, such as some chocolate toppings drizzled on lattes. Sugar and milk will not add gluten to coffee, but decaffeinated coffee and coffee substitutes may contain gluten. Most plain, fruit and herbal teas are gluten-free drinks, including Nestea's® Sweetened Lemon Tea, Red Tea and Citrus Green Tea. Enviga's® Sparkling Berry Green Tea and Sparkling Green Tea are gluten-free.

Pure water is an obvious choice for a gluten-free drink.
Pure water is an obvious choice for a gluten-free drink.

A variety of soft drinks are gluten-free, including all Pepsi® products produced in North America, Barq's® Root Beer and Sprite®. Fanta® orange and grape along with Fresca® are gluten-free. Other gluten-free soft drinks include all flavors of Canada Dry®, Mountain Dew® and Schweppes®. All flavors of Hawaiian Punch®, regular and diet Sunkist® orange, and Dr. Pepper® are also gluten-free drinks.

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Speaking of gluten free drinks, one problem I constantly run into is cross contamination, even if I haven't eaten anything that has gluten in it. For example, more than often, if there are bread crumbs that I'm unaware of, and I end up touching the tip of the glass I'm drinking from, I find myself feeling ill later on. A gluten free lifestyle is a tricky one, and preventing contamination is one of the most important aspects, especially when using cups that aren't yours.


Being a college student, I have been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember. However, one problem that I had is that for some reason, I would still experience the effects that most do when they're not supposed to ingest gluten. After all, and especially after reading the article, I found out what the problem was. I was putting too many additives in my coffee, not to mention that the article brings up this point as well, which is actually very fair. Sometimes, even if a drink has no gluten in it, the things that we add might change this. Using one example, hot chocolate. Though it is gluten free, adding chocolate bars can make it inedible to some. Overall, this really is something that people should take into consideration.


For anyone who can't ingest gluten, liquids and juices are one of the few things that you don't have to worry about. Although like with most things, it's a very good idea to read the labels and ingredients. However, the fact that many drinks are gluten free is further emphasized by the third paragraph, in which it mentions several fruit juices, which can be drank by anyone. Overall, although having a gluten free diet can be rather difficult, it can be easy to adjust as well. Eventually, not only will you know what to eat, but drinking will be less of a problem, especially knowing that many liquids are actually safe.

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    • A pitcher of lemonade.
      A pitcher of lemonade.
    • Orange juice is gluten-fee.
      By: umbertoleporini
      Orange juice is gluten-fee.
    • Pure water is an obvious choice for a gluten-free drink.
      By: anyaivanova
      Pure water is an obvious choice for a gluten-free drink.
    • Chamomile tea is typically gluten-free.
      By: Printemps
      Chamomile tea is typically gluten-free.
    • Plain coffee is gluten free, although flavored coffee may contain gluten.
      By: amenic181
      Plain coffee is gluten free, although flavored coffee may contain gluten.
    • A gluten-free green smoothie can be made with soy milk and nutrient-packed green vegetables.
      By: Johan Larson
      A gluten-free green smoothie can be made with soy milk and nutrient-packed green vegetables.
    • Grapefruit juices are generally free of gluten.
      By: egorxfi
      Grapefruit juices are generally free of gluten.