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What Are the Different Types of Green Desserts?

Green desserts tantalize the senses with their vibrant hues and varied flavors. From matcha-infused cakes to zesty lime tarts, and creamy avocado mousse to pistachio-rich pastries, the spectrum of green sweets is as diverse as it is delicious. Each offers a unique taste experience, celebrating nature's verdant bounty. Ready to treat your palate to a garden of delights? Continue with us.
B. Miller
B. Miller

Green desserts can be a fun addition to a party for a special event such as a baby shower, as well as a holiday like St. Patrick's Day. Items made with pistachios are some of the most popular green desserts, since pistachios have a natural light green hue, and are delicious in many different cake and cookie recipes. It is also simple to create green icing or sprinkles that can be used to frost cookies. The liberal use of green food coloring can turn other desserts a festive color, such as vanilla pudding. Limes and kiwis can also be used to create some tasty and festive pies.

Some people prefer to avoid food coloring in their green desserts, but there are still many options available. Pistachios are naturally a light green color, and can be used in various cake recipes or to prepare cookies with a light greenish tinge. There are many recipes to be found online. Other favorite desserts with a natural green hue may include fresh ingredients like lime and kiwis. Key lime pie, for instance, is a crowd pleaser with a natural green shade. Kiwis may also be turned into a pie with a little effort, or they make a nice and easy decoration for the top of a key lime pie or key lime cake.

A green kiwi tart.
A green kiwi tart.

For those willing to experiment with food coloring, the options for green desserts are virtually limitless. Cookies are a natural choice for a green treat, and many basic sugar cookie recipes can be turned green with the addition of a bit of food coloring. It helps to start with a little bit and then to increase to the desired shade. Another option is to leave the original recipe alone, but top the cookies with green sprinkles, died sugar crystals, or homemade green frosting, again with the liberal use of green food coloring.

Puddings and cakes don't need to be left out of the party either. Vanilla pudding can be turned green with food coloring, and pistachio pudding can be delicious as well. Even chocolate cakes or brownies can be topped with a festive green icing. For people inspired to make an ice cream cake, mint chocolate chip is a nice light green color that can be used to create one layer of the cake. With a little creativity, there is really no limit to the amount of green desserts that can be created and enjoyed.

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Discussion Comments


@croydon - I really associate green desserts with jello, so it's not all that difficult to make something that's kind of authentic but still has green in it. I'm also very fond of several different types of green ice cream for some reason. Pistachio ice cream is my favorite and I'll also order green tea ice cream whenever I see it on a menu.

I do think that I probably prefer them because they tend to be less sweet than other kinds of dessert.


@Ana1234 - I don't mind if people put food coloring into something to make it a little more colorful. Most modern foods do have coloring anyway, so it's nothing that we're not all used to. And green isn't a common color for desserts, since most green things in nature aren't sweet, so it can be a fun addition.

When I was a kid I was at a friend's house and we had to make some cookies for school the next day. Her mother told us we could just make up a recipe, since she knew her daughter could probably manage to create something edible.

I'd never baked anything before, so my sole contribution was to put green food coloring into the dough, but honestly, that made our cookies more popular than anyone else's, even though they didn't really taste all that good.


Just remember that if your Key lime pie is green it's probably not all that authentic. Key limes are actually yellow, although I've noticed that people tend to put the rinds of other kinds of limes on top of their pies as decoration because limes are expected to be green.

Even regular limes probably wouldn't produce a juice green enough to color a pie, so it's almost certainly food coloring if you've been given one with a green hue.

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    • A green kiwi tart.
      A green kiwi tart.