What Are the Different Types of Lobster Appetizers?

Amanda R. Bell

There are several different types of lobster appetizers that can be served at a variety of functions or before a dinner. Lobster fondue and mushrooms stuffed with this shellfish are popular for parties, and both warm and cold dips are a good way to serve lobster appetizers without using a large amount of this relatively expensive seafood. Pizza is also a unique method of cooking with lobster. When skewered, cooked lobster is also a popular choice.

Lobster can be an ingredient in a stuffed mushroom.
Lobster can be an ingredient in a stuffed mushroom.

Fondue is a common staple at many parties. A variety of cheeses are melted into a base, typically made from flour, butter, milk, and stock. Specialty pots are used to keep the thickened fondue dip warm, and a variety of cut-up items are served with sticks and dipped into the warm cheese mix before eating. Steamed lobster pieces are popular additions to fondue, and can work well as an appetizer for a small, intimate group of people.

Steamed lobster served on a platter with melted butter is a simple lobster appetizer.
Steamed lobster served on a platter with melted butter is a simple lobster appetizer.

Any variety of mushroom, as long as it is relatively large and able to lie flat, can be turned into lobster appetizers. Diced, cooked lobster is typically mixed with butter, bread crumbs, and any number of ingredients, and then stuffed inside a mushroom cap that has had its stem removed. The mushrooms are then topped with cheese and baked or broiled until the topping becomes brown and bubbly. This is a common appetizer served at seafood restaurants, although it can work well for private get-togethers as well.

Dips are a good way to stretch a small amount of shellfish while still serving lobster appetizers. The dip itself takes on the flavor of the lobster when prepared well without using a large amount of the seafood. Chopped or minced lobster is often combined with a creamy base and other ingredients, such as diced vegetables or cheese, and then served with chips, crackers, or thick slices of bread. Various dips can be served chilled or baked, though, when prepared warm, the dip is typically cooked with a cheesy topping. These lobster appetizers may also include other types of seafood, with shrimp and crab being popular in many areas.

For the more adventurous, pizzas are a popular lobster appetizer. A pie with any toppings can be prepared and cooked lobster can be added at the very end of the baking process just to heat it through. While this can be served as an entrée, large pizzas can be cut up into bite-sized pieces and served warm or at room temperature for large crowds or small gatherings.

One of the simplest lobster appetizers is skewered, cooked lobster served on a platter. The lobster can be either steamed, boiled, or grilled before serving. It is commonly accompanied by warm, melted butter.

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