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What Are the Different Types of Yogurt Spoons?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

There are many types of yogurt spoons. Some are designed specifically for use with yogurt and yogurt products, while others may be regular spoons made for use with a number of products. Many types are small in size because yogurt is often sold in single-serving sized containers and a small spoon slides more easily into the container.

Some yogurt spoons are made out of plastic. Companies that produce yogurt sometimes attach a spoon to each single-serving package of yogurt. Manufacturers generally include spoons for ease of use by the consumer because, if eating on the run, a person may not have a spoon available. Yogurt spoons that are attached to packages of yogurt are usually disposable.

A cup of yogurt with a spoon.
A cup of yogurt with a spoon.

Small plastic spoons for yogurt are also commonly used by babies, toddlers, and other children. When feeding yogurt to a baby or small child, the person feeding the child often will employ a small plastic spoon to reduce the risk of injury and provide a small bite on each spoonful. For the same reason, young children who feed themselves yogurt often are given plastic yogurt spoons.

Some companies attach a spoon to each single-serving package of yogurt to make it easier for the consumer.
Some companies attach a spoon to each single-serving package of yogurt to make it easier for the consumer.

There are spoons that are specially designed for use with yogurt. Some manufacturers have designed yogurt spoons that are made to be used in conjunction with certain kinds of yogurt containers. Many traditionally shaped spoons cannot get all of the yogurt out of the bottom of a container. In an effort to reduce waste and give the consumer access to the final spoonful of yogurt, spoons have been created that effectively can scrape the bottom corners of a yogurt cup.

Some yogurt spoons are not designed as spoons to be specifically used with yogurt but have become popular choices when eating yogurt. Both plastic and metal spoons in a variety of sizes may be used, depending on personal preference and the size of the yogurt container or dish. When cooking with yogurt, an individual may wish to use a large spoon to scoop a larger quantity than normally would be eaten in one bite.

Yogurt spoons are also sold in sets. Some people like to have several yogurt spoons available so that if one is dirty or gets lost, another yogurt spoon will be available. When someone finds a spoon that is the perfect size and shape for yogurt, it can be beneficial to buy a set of that brand and style. Additionally, a yogurt spoon set can be very useful for people who often eat yogurt with their families.

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Does anyone know where I can purchase some yogurt spoons that are especially designed to get the last bit of yogurt from the container?

I read about this on a forum recently. I didn't even know that such a thing existed. I'm always frustrated when I have yogurt and I can't get the last bits out because they are stuck in the corners and the spoon doesn't reach there. Apparently, there are special yogurt spoons with flat sides that fit in those corners perfectly and scrape it all up for you.

This is just what I need. I love yogurt and have it everyday for a snack at work. I'm so tired of struggling with the yogurt containers to get all of the yogurt out while looking behind my back to make sure no one at the office sees me.


I have seen a lot of different dispensable yogurt spoons before. They come with the yogurt attached to the lid. You just unfold it and click in place. They have been around for quite a while.

The other day though, I saw a really interesting dispensable yogurt spoon. The spoon was actually the lid of the yogurt container. You peel the lid off and fold it into a spoon shape. It has directions on the cup showing you how to do that.

I think this is one of the smartest ideas for yogurt spoons because not only do you have a spoon ready to go but it's also better for the environment because there's less use of plastic.


The best yogurt spoons for babies are the ones that are very curved and deep. It holds the yogurt better and it's so much easier for the baby to swallow.

I got one recently from a baby merchandise shop and it really made a huge difference. There is no spitting or spills at all. My son used to make a huge mess with the other spoons.

Always make sure that it's made from safe plastic too.

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    • A cup of yogurt with a spoon.
      By: NilsZ
      A cup of yogurt with a spoon.
    • Some companies attach a spoon to each single-serving package of yogurt to make it easier for the consumer.
      By: Anton Maltsev
      Some companies attach a spoon to each single-serving package of yogurt to make it easier for the consumer.