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What Are the Different Uses of Miniature Wine Glasses?

S. McNesby
S. McNesby

Miniature wine glasses can be used to serve wine and other beverages, just like their larger counterparts. These petite vessels are also used for crafting and home decorating purposes, and can adorn everything from wreaths to fireplace mantles. Small wine glasses are also useful for wedding favors or for anniversary party favors; they are the perfect size for toasting or for wine tastings.

Wine and liquors can be served in miniature wine glasses. Most mini wine glasses are the right size for a pre-meal apertif at a dinner party; they can be used for a post-meal digestif as well. Portion control is easy when using miniature wine glasses; their petite stature also helps eliminate waste when used for toasting or tasting. Cleaning and caring for miniature wine glasses is simple; most are made from inexpensive glass and can be washed in the home dishwasher, then stored until needed.

Woman baking cookies
Woman baking cookies

When used as a craft supply, miniature wine glasses offer plenty of project possibilities. The glasses can be filled with melted wax in any scent and color for almost instant candles or filled with candy and wrapped in tulle for festive party favors. Any crafting techniques that work on glass can be used to decorate miniature wine glasses, including etching and painting.

Adhesives that work on glass can be used to adhere items to miniature wine glasses. Colorful beads, stones, glass chips, and other decorative items can be glued to the base and exterior of each wine glass to personalize them. If the wine glasses will be used to consume a beverage, then the inside and the top rim should not be decorated. While any type of item can be applied to a miniature wine glass, only those that are waterproof will withstand repeated use and washing.

Small wine glasses can be used to decorate other items like wreaths, Christmas trees, and party tables. Wire or ribbon can be tied around the glass stem, and then the glass can be attached to another surface. Using wire or ribbon allows the glass to be securely attached, but makes it possible to remove and reuse as needed.

Wedding showers and other parties that require guest favors are excellent candidates for miniature wine glass projects. A metallic or solid enamel paint pen can be used to add a date or name to each glass, and festive ribbons that match the party can be used as simple embellishments as well. Small glasses can be decorated and used to serve wine, dessert, or sorbet at a party, and then guests can take them home as mementos.

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How much do miniature wine glasses usually cost? Can I get a discount if I buy in bulk? Also, how fragile are they? Do I need to worry about breaking a bunch of them?


I have a good friend who specializes in painting miniature wine glasses. Her's is interesting work. It combines the traditions of both wine glass painting and painting in miniature. Her signature style is to do painting that seems more detailed and composed than it would be possible to do in such a small space.

Her work sells very well. Most people use them only for decorative purposes but I know she has gotten commissions to do a series of pieces that will be used at a specific function or occasion. She must be good at what she does. She supports herself through wine glass painting alone.


I used miniature wine glasses for a dessert presentation that I did at a dinner party about a year ago. I had made four different kinds of sorbets and I was looking for a striking way to serve them to my guests. I didn't have anything in my glassware collection that I thought would work so I decided to go shopping.

I saw the these unique little wine glasses in a store and I knew that they would be perfect. Each one would hold three or four bites of sorbet, so if each guest had four they would have enough for a satisfying dessert. Now I have a bunch of little wine glasses that I am not sure what to do with, but for the time and the moment they were perfect.

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    • Woman baking cookies
      Woman baking cookies