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What Is a Crepe Bar?

A crepe bar is a delightful culinary station where guests can watch crepes being made to order, then customize them with an array of toppings, from sweet fruits and syrups to savory cheeses and meats. It's an interactive experience that transforms dining into entertainment. Curious about how to create the perfect crepe bar for your next event? Keep reading to become a crepe connoisseur!
Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

A crepe bar is a restaurant or buffet station that specializes in making crepes to order. Typically, diners will stand at the crepe preparation station and request a crepe from those suggested on the proprietor’s menu or, in some cases, create their own crepe recipe from the ingredients on offer. While many crepe bars are permanent establishments or a part of a permanent establishment, some catering companies offer their clients the option of setting up this type of bar in an event space as part of the menu offered to guests.

Crepes are very thin pancakes that are prepared on a hot skillet or specially designed pan. After the pancake is cooked, it is wrapped around one or more fillings. Sweet crepes may be stuffed with fruits, chocolate, and custards, while a savory crepe is filled with meats, cheeses, and vegetables. A crepe may be served with a fork and knife or may be wrapped in a paper cone, sometimes known as a toot, and consumed like a sandwich.

Nutella is a very popular crepe filling.
Nutella is a very popular crepe filling.

As crepes can be prepared quickly and are easily customizable, some food-service businesses have developed the crepe bar, which allows diners to observe their crepe being prepared. Like pasta or omelet bars, which are often featured at buffets, the ability to order a crepe and see it prepared provides a significant amount of interaction between the diners and the cooks. Many diners enjoy watching the preparation of their food, making a crepe bar an attraction or event in and of itself.

Mushrooms are frequently used as crepe fillings.
Mushrooms are frequently used as crepe fillings.

Individuals who are interested in trying a crepe bar can usually start by researching restaurants that make crepes in their area. Some of these restaurants have a crepe bar in their establishment or may offer a crepe bar as an option for catering clients. Buffet restaurants may also include a crepe bar as one of their normal serving stations or may offer one on special occasions, such as a Sunday brunch or holiday buffet. Otherwise, hotels and other catering services may make a crepe bar available upon request. Those who need to book catering for a special event should ask the caterer if it is able to make crepes to order.

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@Pippinwhite -- I've been to one place that had a crepe bar. My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit Aruba and stayed in an all inclusive hotel. The main restaurant had an omelet/crepe bar for breakfast. It was great!

I love omelets and crepes both, so this was the best of both worlds. And Aruba imports most of their fruit from Venezuela, which has a year-round growing season, so everything is always fresh. The fresh fruit with the crepes was simply divine. I must say the hubs and I made total pigs out of ourselves. It was totally unforgettable.


A crepe bar sounds wonderful. I've never been to a place that had one. Of course, most of the hotels where I've stayed that had breakfast had items like dry cereal and make them yourself waffles. I'm not generally in a hotel that has those kinds of lovely amenities.

One immediate nice thing I can think of about a crepe bar would be that you could do sweet as well as savory. Have a mushroom crepe and then a strawberry one. Kind of like having bacon and eggs and toast and jelly. Just in crepe form. Sounds great to me!

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    • Nutella is a very popular crepe filling.
      By: Liv Friis-larsen
      Nutella is a very popular crepe filling.
    • Mushrooms are frequently used as crepe fillings.
      By: daffodilred
      Mushrooms are frequently used as crepe fillings.