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What is a Fat Mop?

Sonal Panse
Sonal Panse

A fat mop is a kitchen gadget that is used to separate and skim off excess liquid fat from fried food drippings, stews, gravies, stocks and sauces. Fat is often removed from food as it can be unhealthy for consumption; it tends to build up calories and cholesterol. Fat mops and similar fat separating kitchen equipment promote healthier cooking.

The fat mop kitchen tool is quite similar in appearance to a regular cleaning mop, having a brush head and a long handle. Some fat mops have brush heads that are made of nylon bristles while others have absorbent white strips. The brush handle ensures that the user remains at a safe distance from the heat and does not inadvertently get splattered by any hot oil or grease.


While perhaps not as thorough as the other types of kitchen tools that are used for fat separation, fat mops can be convenient and easy to use. The protective covering is removed from the brush bristles or strips, and the brush is skimmed or whisked over the food surface. The brush head picks up or absorbs the fat molecules, without interfering with the food flavor. It is important to note that the bristles or strips should not be held over a heat source or dipped to the bottom of a hot pot; being made of nylon, they will melt.

Fat mops generally work well only over small surfaces. They also need to be cleaned frequently between the fat removal instances. For this reason, many cooks and chefs prefer to use a gravy separator for the main work and finish removing the remainder fat with fat mops.

Cleaning the accumulated fat from the fat mop is essential to increase the mopping efficiency. It becomes difficult to scoop up new fat with the fat mop tool if the bristles or the strips are already laden with fat deposits. Another thing is that the deposited grease can turn rancid and may cause contamination in the food that the fat mop comes in contact with. The brush head can be cleaned by hand, washing it with soap and water, or the fat mop can be put into a dishwater. It may be necessary to do some deep, thorough cleaning to get rid of the grease completely.

Anyone interested in buying a fat mop should look around in stores selling different types of kitchen tools. They are usually available for sale in cookware shops and most department stores. They can also be purchased from online kitchen equipment stores.

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