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What is a Slotted Spoon?

Anna T.
Anna T.

A slotted spoon is a long-handled spoon that may be made of a variety of different substances. The main difference between other types of spoons and the slotted variety is that a slotted type has holes in the spoon end. Slots on these spoons may be either round holes or long, vertical openings that are close together. Most people use these spoons when they are cooking something on a stove top in hot liquid. A slotted spoon generally makes it easy to lift food up out of a pot without taking lots of excess water or other liquid with it.

Some types of foods that a slotted spoon may be useful for are meats or vegetables cooked in water or broth. These spoons are also often used in deep fryers to take the cooked food out of the hot oil. In addition to being effective for separating food from water, slotted spoons may also aid in kitchen safety. When a person cooks something in heated liquid, particularly heated oils that pop, there is always a risk of getting burned. The long handle of a slotted spoon and the instant separation of food from liquid without having to pour it off may lessen the risk of getting burned in the kitchen.

An absinthe spoon is one unusual type of slotted spoon.
An absinthe spoon is one unusual type of slotted spoon.

Slotted spoons might be made of many different things, including stainless steel, plastic, and wood. These spoons are typically inexpensive, but stainless steel tends to be more expensive and will likely last longer than most slotted spoons made of other materials. Many people like plastic slotted spoons because of their durability and the fact they are dishwasher safe. One major downside to plastic is that it will probably melt if it comes in contact with a hot stove burner. Wooden slotted spoons typically work very well and should hold up for years as long as they are not placed in the dishwasher.

In addition to being made of different materials, slotted spoons also come in a few different shapes. Some spoons are ladle shaped, while others look like most other types of serving spoons. A ladle-shaped slotted spoon may be the most useful type for cooking on the stove top. Ladles can normally lift bigger portions of food, such as cuts of meat, out of water. Slotted spoons that are shaped like regular serving spoons might be more useful for serving food at the dinner table because the smaller size is less awkward and could make it easier to take already prepared foods out of liquid.

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    • An absinthe spoon is one unusual type of slotted spoon.
      By: kaetana
      An absinthe spoon is one unusual type of slotted spoon.