What is an Egg Separator?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Separating eggs can be a messy job, unless you have the right kind of kitchen utensil. Fortunately, the egg separator is a simple kitchen tool that easily divides the yolk from the white in seconds. Here is some basic information about the separator and how it is used around the kitchen.

An egg separator separates egg whites from yolks.
An egg separator separates egg whites from yolks.

There are actually two types of egg separators. One type is a simple instrument with an rounded cup or bowl at the ends of a short handle. Two slits in the sides of the cup allow the white of the egg to run out of the bottom during the separation process.

A variation on this design is to have a mesh in the bottom of the egg separator, allowing the white to run through the bottom and into another receptacle. Both of these types of separators are usually equipped with handles that allow the utensil to rest on the lip of a bowl, so it is not necessary to hold the separator while the egg is being divided.

Construction materials for the egg separator usually include either plastic or metal. The metal egg separator is often made of either aluminum or stainless steel. The design of metal separators is such that it takes very little effort to clean them. In fact, they can simply be placed in the silverware tray in the dishwasher. Sink rinsing also works well with this type of separator.

Along with the metal models, there is also the plastic separator. These types range from the very simple and flimsy types that are often given away as free gifts at store openings and similar event. However, not all plastic egg separators are cheap models that will wear out in no time. The hard and durable plastics of today are often used to create various brands in plastic that are dishwasher safe and will stand up to a lot of use.

Separators of all types provide a quick and easy way to separate the two components of the egg, ensuring that no yolk is broken into the white and creating a mess that has to be thrown away. An egg separator is a must for anyone who likes to make fresh meringues for pies or simple meringue cookies. The ability to separate the egg yolks from the white also make the process of baking an angel food cake much easier, since little or no time is needed to retrieve the pure egg white for the recipe.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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@simrin-- Hmm, no I've never heard of an egg separator and poacher in one. I think you're going to have to use an egg white separator and then poach it separately.

There are many kinds of separators out there. I think they all work equally well, it's based on your preference.

There is one in the shape of a human head and the egg whites come out of the nostrils. I find that a bit disturbing and not very good for the appetite when you're cooking.

I like the plastic ones that you just place on the side of the bowl and crack the eggs in. It holds the yolks and the whites end up in the bowl. I have one in the shape of an egg. It's very cute and very easy to clean since it's plastic. It's also safe for the dishwasher. I think you should get one of these.


I can't have egg yolks because of my cholesterol. I've been buying the liquid egg whites that are sold in the supermarket. Somehow, it never tastes like fresh eggs do and they are not too cheap either. I think it might be cheaper and tastier if I just use real eggs and separate the whites.

I don't like to cook much. The most I do for myself is poach egg whites in the morning for breakfast. Which egg separator should I get for this, the plastic kind or the metal kind?

And is there an egg poacher that actually does the separation for you? Like an egg separator and poacher in one? That would solve all my problems but I don't know if there is such a thing.


I have the most amazing stainless steel egg separator. It's the kind you place on top of a bowl and the white runs down into it while the yolk stays. When I bought this, I didn't realize how useful it would be, but it is fantastic!

Before, I used to try and separate the white and the yolk by hand and would always get pieces of the egg shells in it. It's such a pain to try and remove those. I cook a lot and a lot of recipes require just the white part of eggs and I also use just the yolk on top of pastries to give them a nice brownish color in the oven.

The egg separator has literally saved my life. Especially when I'm in a hurry and I have guests coming over. I don't have to stand there and try and pick out the shells I dropped into the bowl! I'm so glad I found this tool.

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