What Is Carrot Wine?

Mark Wollacott

Carrot wine is an alcoholic drink made from carrots. It is called a wine as no other term for alcoholic carrots is in use. It tends to contain less alcohol than other wines and can be made to be either sweet or dry depending on the taste of the maker. Bottled carrot wine can be made at home with the right ingredients and equipment or bought from specialist retailers.


The wine is made in much the same process as other fruit and vegetable wines. The carrot is peeled and chopped up, then put in a pot of boiling water. The boiling process allows carrot juice to mix with the water. It is cooked until it is soft and the water has become nicely flavored. The carrot solids are then strained out of the wine, leaving just the liquid.

Carrot juice before fermenting.
Carrot juice before fermenting.

The process of making wine from carrots also involves a number of other ingredients. These include lemon and orange rind, sugar and tannin. An important ingredient is the yeast energizer that creates the whole fermentation process. The yeast is added after a day’s rest for the brew. It is then left to ferment for about six months before being racked and then left for another three months to a year.

Carrot wine is similar to red wine in that it goes well with red meat.
Carrot wine is similar to red wine in that it goes well with red meat.

Wine made from carrots tends to contain less alcohol than grape wines. Whereas a good grape-based wine such as Sauvignon or Merlot contains between 10 and 15 percent alcohol, a good carrot wine will contain only around 5 percent. This makes it a lighter drink on par with weak beers and lagers.

Carrot wine tends to contain less alcohol than grape wines.
Carrot wine tends to contain less alcohol than grape wines.

The dry version of the wine needs to be racked after three weeks and then again every three months for up to one year. This produces a nice crisp, dry carrot wine best served at room temperature. The sweet wine also needs to be racked after about three weeks. Additional sugar is then added to a cup of the wine, allowed to dissolve and then poured back into the mixture. The process is repeated in the secondary fermenting container every six weeks until the brewer decides it is not required; then, the carrot wine is racked as before.

Carrot wine is best served with red meat. This puts it in the same wine bracket as traditional red wine. It goes with roast beef, lamb, mutton or pork. It will also go well with ham, cheese, crackers and other appetizers such as bruschetta. It may also be consumed by itself as with any other alcoholic beverage.

Carrot wine is a good complement to red meat.
Carrot wine is a good complement to red meat.

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The oddest fruits and vegetables can make the best wine. Like carrots, parsnips and pears for example. The key is to be patient. Some of this stuff can take up to ten years to ferment fully.


@alisha-- I have and it turned out very good.

Just follow the recipe in the article because that's exactly what I did. I made a sweet batch with raisins and cinnamon. The result was a lovely winter wine. I enjoy having it before or after meals. It's a great accompaniment to dessert.

My only tip is if you use orange peels, make sure not to leave it in more than a few days. Otherwise your carrot wine might be bitter.


I tried making carrot wine once but it came out bad! I now know what I did wrong. I used carrot juice (I juiced the carrots myself) and used it instead of boiling the carrots and using the water. The boiling method sounds like a much better idea.

If I get my hands on some cheap carrots, I will give it a shot.

Has anyone made a home brew carrot wine? How did it turn out? Give me some tips!

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