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What is Dream Whip? Discover the Versatile Dessert Topping for Sweet Creations

Dream Whip is a whipped topping mix that offers a light, fluffy texture to enhance desserts. It's a convenient alternative to homemade whipped cream, beloved for its stability and long shelf life. Perfect for pies, fruit, or a dollop on hot cocoa, Dream Whip adds a sweet finish to any treat. Wondering how it can transform your next dessert? Let's explore its versatility together.
A Kaminsky
A Kaminsky

Dream Whip® is a non-dairy dessert topping that a cook can make at home. In its dry form, it doesn't contain any dairy products, but it is typically whipped with a mixer together with cold milk and vanilla. Many people who don’t like the taste of non-dairy, refrigerated whipped topping, but who would rather avoid the fat in heavy whipping cream, use it to top desserts.

This topping was introduced by the General Foods Corp. in 1957 as one of the convenience products that flooded the market about that time. It caught on and is still a popular alternative to other kinds of whipped topping. Dream Whip® is shelf stable, which means the dry packets will last for years. It is also consistently soft and fluffy when prepared.

Dream Whip® has the consistency of whip cream and is fluffy when prepared.
Dream Whip® has the consistency of whip cream and is fluffy when prepared.

Many cooks use this product instead of refrigerated non-dairy whipped topping in recipes for icebox or other cream-style pies. Some claim that it gives a lighter, higher, fluffier result, whether in cakes or in cream pies. This topping can also be used with a cake mix or even as a dressing for a fruit salad.

Dream Whip® uses 1/2 cup (125 milliliters) cold milk and a teaspoon of vanilla flavoring per pouch. This is mixed together with the powder at low speed with an electric mixer for about two minutes, then at high speed for five to eight minutes, or until soft peaks form. It is always best to use a balloon whisk attachment for the mixer, if one is available, to ensure a fluffier result.

Dream Whip® is an alternative for whipped desert toppings.
Dream Whip® is an alternative for whipped desert toppings.

One pouch makes 16, 2-tablespoon (about 6 grams) servings, and it's relatively inexpensive. Since it can be stored in the dry form without refrigeration, it can be kept on hand for cooking emergencies when whipped cream is called for in a recipe, and the cook is out of options. It is a staple in the baking aisles of U.S. grocery stores.

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Discussion Comments


In Florida, I found Dream Whip at Walmart, baking aisle.


It's true that there's no substitute for whipped cream, but whipped cream is expensive, fragile, and not always available. In dishes where whipped cream is to be mixed with other ingredients, Dream Whip does just fine, and is shelf stable and always available. It's not the same on top of a pie, but it's harder to tell the difference in a fruit salad.

The generic brand Always Save makes a "Whipped Topping Mix" that's under 50 cents a box.


I agree with the posters that say that nothing takes the place in texture or flavor of real whipped cream. Some of the problems of real whipped cream, though, are: 1.) the time and effort it takes to make, and 2.) real whipped cream has a sad tendency to start to separate over time, leaving you with watery cream. Just to experiment one day, I added one envelope of Dream Whip to my unwhipped cream. It not only whipped much faster, but it stabilized the whipped cream (it lasted perfectly for days!) and added sweetness and vanilla flavor! I will do this anytime I want whipped cream now. Try it!


I live in Florida, also. No Dream Whip! If I can substitute whipped cream for the Dream Whip, how do I measure it?


Of course, there's nothing like real whipped cream, but if you don't mind or if you specifically want something else, Dream Whip is a reasonable option.

If Dream Whip is expensive where you live, look near it in the same aisle or in the "ethnic-foods" aisle or in a Latin supermarket and see if you can find a powder called "Chantilly" (one brand, for example, is "De la Familia"). Depending upon where you live, it could actually cost more, but it may (as in my case) be about 1/6 the price of Dream Whip.

Of course, I live in Central America, where Dream Whip is an expensive American import, but it's certainly worth a try if you need a less-expensive alternative.


I am looking for a substitute for dream whip because it's gotten expensive. I don't know if any type of topping will set up in the refrigerator like dream whip when you mix it with whipped cream cheese in a recipe I have. Will it make a pie without becoming soupy?

I'd use real whipped cream if I thought it would combine with cream cheese and firm up in the fridge in this recipe I have.


I have a recipe that calls for two packs of Dream Whip. I want to use Cool Whip instead of Dream Whip. How much Cool Whip do I need to use in the recipe?


While I have to agree that there is no substitute for true whipped cream, sometimes convenience have to take hand over making ingredients so labor-intensive as true whipped cream. Why have excellent memories standing at my grandmother's counter as she whipped cream for our strawberries and shortcake, there is no doubt that she stood there for quite a while and worked on the concoction.

If you have a true love for food and especially if you have the time to created by all means take advantage of true whipped cream. Problem is most of us do not have this kind of time in our daily business lives in must go ahead and use a substitute that takes not nearly the length of time to create and finally consume.

For this reason I am in support of dream whip use in deserts of your fancy. And just as somebody commented before it's always convenient if you have somebody unexpected show up at your house you go ahead and throw some dream whip on top of some cookies and create an excellent evening time dessert.


As a professional chef and dessert maker I can tell you that the use of whipped cream has absolutely no replacement or substitute for its flavor and texture.

Advancements in the industry of food chemistry and I do have to acknowledge the chemistry work that is been done to replicate flavors and create artificial chemicals that can duplicate these incredible flavors, there is no replacement for the absolute wonderful flavor of true whipped cream.

The closest thing that you might be up to achieve is using a fake thickening agent such as is used in types of non-dairy creamer's and use each room vanilla flavoring. Perhaps the most obvious giveaway with whipped cream is used is not just the texture but the vanilla flavoring that is used.

This comes to another point which is that is absolutely vital to use real vanilla extract when making whipped cream. If you go to the time and trouble to whip whipped cream by hand or by machine and use heavy whipping cream from scratch with powdered sugar then you might as well use of real vanilla. It would be a disaster and a waste of the quality ingredients of a real heavy whipped cream to be using artificial vanilla flavoring ingredient in your less than quality concoction.


Any time I make a cake mix recipe out of the box from the grocery store I always dolling up with dream whip. this simple and easy solution for making your desserts better is the use of this very easy creation and can top almost anything and does so better than icing.

In a timely fashion. If you have unexpected guests come over then it is a great thing to have available in your cupboard so that you can whip up a tasty dessert in no time. While some disagree with the quality and flavor of dream whip I have been nothing but satisfied and continue to support it by passing along the word to my friends and families that create excellent desserts as well.

If you are on a diet then dream whip is the perfect way to save on calories. Sugar-free recipes that include the use of dream whip allowing you to enjoy an excellent flavor of whip cream without having to take on the extra fat that whipped cream has.


As much as people like to use dream whip as an alternative to true whipped cream I simply can not disagree more with the differences in the taste. There is nothing you can do to simulate the true flavor of quality heavy whipping cream that is been properly whipped by experienced whipped cream maker.

When you eat a milkshake you want to make sure that the whipped cream is of the best quality flavor and has just the right amount of vanilla and sugar in it to not overwhelm the ice cream flavor but also to add an excellent affect that only whipped cream can happen to taste.

While it is true that whipped cream is mostly sugar and fat stuck together in foam form, it is absolutely delicious and I cannot think of a better topper for all of my desserts.


where can I buy Dream Whip in Florida? I can't find it here.

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    • Dream Whip® has the consistency of whip cream and is fluffy when prepared.
      By: Tsuboya
      Dream Whip® has the consistency of whip cream and is fluffy when prepared.
    • Dream Whip® is an alternative for whipped desert toppings.
      By: Lisa F. Young
      Dream Whip® is an alternative for whipped desert toppings.
    • Dream whip can be used to top a fruit salad.
      By: pilipphoto
      Dream whip can be used to top a fruit salad.