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What Is Honey Butter?

Caitlynn Lowe
Caitlynn Lowe

Honey butter is a type of sweet compound butter that — as its name implies — combines honey and butter. It is popular with both kids and adults. Several manufacturers sell pre-packaged honey butter in stores, but many individuals prefer making their own homemade version instead. The process for making this type of butter is relatively simple. Homemade versions also allow for more variation and can include other ingredients, such as spices or fruit.

One popular use of honey butter is as a topping for breakfast and dinner breads. For breakfast, many people enjoy spreading a bit of honey butter over waffles, pancakes, toast or English muffins. Some individuals even enjoy adding this sweet flavored butter to warm breakfast cereals such as oatmeal. During dinner, a dab of honey butter adds extra sweetness to bread rolls and corn bread. The taste also works well with sweet fruit and vegetable breads such as banana bread, zucchini bread or pumpkin bread.


Although it is frequently and conveniently sold in grocery stores and supermarkets, some people prefer the taste of homemade honey butter over the pre-packaged variety. Recipes vary according to taste, but the simplest involve only unsalted butter and honey. The recipe must begin with softened butter for the honey and butter to thoroughly mix. One can add 0.25 to 0.5 cups (about 60 to 120 mL) of honey per half-cup (about 120-mL) stick of butter. The more honey, the less firm the final product will be.

A honey bee.
A honey bee.

First, the butter should be cut into chunks or mashed with a fork. The honey is then added, and the two ingredients are thoroughly mixed together with a fork or spoon until they are evenly combined. To save it for later use, the mixed butter can be spread onto a piece of parchment paper or plastic wrap in the shape of a log. The paper should be rolled tightly over the butter, squeezing the air out and keeping the mixture in the form of a log. The ends should be twisted closed, and the butter should be placed in a refrigerator, where it can be stored for as long as two weeks.

Homemade versions of this butter often include other ingredients as well. Adding ground cinnamon, brown sugar or vanilla extract gives the final product a richer taste that contrasts nicely against the natural sweetness of the honey. Chopped pieces of fruit, such as bananas or strawberries, give the butter additional sweetness, making it especially suitable for spreading over breakfast breads. Anyone who is interested in making honey butter can experiment with various ingredients to see what matches his or her tastes best.

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There is a diner close to my house that serves honey butter with just about everything you order. Lots of people think of putting it on toast or biscuits but it also tastes great on waffles and pancakes, even if you are going to put maple syrup on top. You would expect the syrup and the honey to be too sweet but they actually go really well together.


I have had both store bought honey butter and a version that I made at home and I really prefer the homemade version. The store bought kind always tastes weird to me, as if they used the cheapest possible honey that they could find.

Plus, when you make it at home you can vary the recipe. Sometimes I like to add a little cinnamon and of course I use a really good quality butter. The difference between good butter and cheap butter is night and day.


I think the most delicious and decadent comfort food that I can think of is a good buttermilk biscuit with a generous smear of honey butter on top. I could eat one of those at every meal for the rest of my life. You have the buttery biscuit with just a little bit of saltiness that contrasts with the rich sweet flavor of the honey. Oh, pure bliss!

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    • Honey.
    • A honey bee.
      By: artist_as
      A honey bee.