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What Is Mushroom Popcorn?

B. Chisholm
B. Chisholm

Mushroom popcorn is a type of popcorn that looks like a mushroom, with a ball-shaped top and is well-suited to making coated popcorn such as caramel corn. While both mushroom popcorn and its counterpart, butterfly popcorn, may pop from the same kernels, recently corn hybrids have been developed which allow the making of one type from one plant. Mushroom popcorn tends to be more firm and dense while butterfly popcorn is lighter and has two "wings", like a butterfly.

Popcorn is a popular anytime snack throughout the world and is most well-known as a movie snack after being served in cinemas for years. It can also be bought commercially, pre-popped, in various flavors, both sweet and savory, or made at home. Homemade popcorn may be made using a popcorn machine or in a pot.

Young boy eating an apple
Young boy eating an apple

When making popcorn in a pot, a tiny bit of oil is placed in the bottom of the pot and heated. Once hot, the popcorn kernels are added, and within minutes the corn will begin to pop, filling the pot. It is important to remember that the yield with popcorn is large and the kernels swell to many times their size once popped. It takes a small amount of kernels to fill a pot once popped.

There is a wide range of ways to season popcorn. Traditionally, salt is added and butter may also be melted over it. Various savory seasonings including salt and vinegar or chili pepper can also be used, as well as sweet toppings like sugar or cinnamon sugar.

Mushroom popcorn is used especially when coating popcorn like candied corn, chocolate-covered corn, or caramel corn. Due to its firmer consistency, mushroom corn holds its shape better, even when in contact with liquid, such as caramel or chocolate. It is also preferred for pre-popped, packaged popcorn for this reason.

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    • Young boy eating an apple
      Young boy eating an apple