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What Is Oreo® Cheesecake?

Oreo® Cheesecake is a decadent dessert that combines the creamy, tangy richness of traditional cheesecake with the beloved crunch and cocoa flavor of Oreo® cookies. This irresistible treat features a cookie crumb crust, a smooth cheesecake filling studded with cookie pieces, and often a garnish of whole or crushed Oreos®. Curious about how to craft your own slice of heaven? Read on to discover the secrets behind this crowd-pleasing confection.
Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith

Oreo® cheesecake is a sweet, baked dessert that is made primarily using cream cheese and flavored with brand name Oreo® cookies or similar store brand or generic cookies. This dessert's filling can be mixed together using similar methods to traditional cheesecake, with the crust and topping being formed from chopped cookies instead of graham crackers. Strawberry or raspberry sauce, or any other complimentary fruit, can be served over the finished, baked cake.

Instead of the traditional cheesecake crust of graham crackers, an Oreo® cheesecake may be poured into a graham cracker or cookie crust. Oreo® cookies or similar chocolate sandwich cookies are often crumbled or chopped using a food processor and mixed with melted butter to create the base for this dessert. They may be pressed into the bottom and sides of a traditional pie plate, or into the bottom of a springform pan. To create snack sized cheesecake bars, the crumbled cookies can be pressed into the base of a square baking dish.

Two young boys
Two young boys

The batter for the Oreo® cheesecake may be mixed together using cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, and eggs. Depending on the taste preferences of the chef, crumbled cookies can be mixed into the batter prior to baking as well. Some cookie pieces should be reserved to use as a decorative topping for the cake. These cookie pieces can be broken in half or quarters and dipped in milk chocolate that has been melted in a microwave. Once the chocolate has hardened, these dipped cookies can be set in small dollops of whipped cream around the edges of the cake for a beautiful and delicious finish.

The Oreo® cheesecake can be baked in a hot oven between 45 minutes and one hour. To ensure that the center of the cheesecake has baked completely through, the chef can benefit from allowing the cake to remain in the oven with the heat turned off for an additional 30 minutes to one hour. Once the cake has finished setting, it can be placed in the refrigerator to cool for several hours prior to serving.

Oreo® lovers may be satisfied with chocolate dipped or plain Oreo® cookies topping the cheesecakes, however, for those who prefer a sweet and tangy addition to their dessert, chopped strawberries or raspberries can be served alongside it. These berries can be reduced in a sauce pan over medium to low heat, blended with a small amount of confectioner's sugar and lemon juice. The final sauce should be drizzled over the baked cake.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys