What Is Powdered Butter?

A. Leverkuhn

Powdered butter is a dehydrated form of butter that is handy for many different culinary uses. The main appeal of this butter product is that it can last a long time on the shelf. In the entire spectrum of processed foods, powdered butter benefits from needing fewer overall preservatives than some other types of dried foods. Some standard preservatives are often used, which means that those looking to buy this product for the first time should evaluate how it stacks up to fresh butter in terms of nutritional content.

Butter before being dehydrated and powdered.
Butter before being dehydrated and powdered.

In many cases, powdered butter is made by subtracting the small amount of moisture that exists in a standard stick of butter. As experts point out, this does not need to involve manipulating the fat content of butter, since fat is naturally devoid of water. The final result of dehydrating butter is a versatile powder that can be used in many different kinds of foods.

Powdered butter is often used on popcorn.
Powdered butter is often used on popcorn.

Powdered butter can be reconstituted and spread on toast, or used in various baking projects. One of the main benefits of powdered butter is in the ease of use in various baking recipes. With standard butter, it can extremely difficult to blend butter in with various dried elements like flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. It can blend seamlessly with these ingredients, cutting down on the time that it takes to prepare a given dough mixture. Another major use of powdered butter is in popcorn and other snack products; popcorn makers get a lot of use out of this non-perishable butter product in designing quick-pop options for their popular snacks.

In order to effectively preserve this dry butter product, a common trick is to include preservatives like sodium caseinate. Another frequent addition to powder forms of butter is something that food makers label “non-fat milk solids.” These elements help with establishing a texture for the reconstituted product. As an additional way to preserve this non-perishable food element, an antioxidant can also be added.

In addition to powdered butter, shoppers can get additional baking ingredients in a powder form, including powdered eggs, and powdered buttermilk. All of this can make baking a lot easier. Another main use for powdered butter, and other similar products is when a person needs to live in a remote area that may not have all of the conventional amenities enjoyed in a typical modern home or facility.

Powdered butter can be spread on toast just like regular butter.
Powdered butter can be spread on toast just like regular butter.

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@raynbow- I use powdered butter on popcorn and other foods all the time. Not only do I enjoy the flavor, but I also like the convenience. Instead of having to slice solid butter, or wait until it has softened at room temperature, all you have to do with powdered butter is sprinkle it on your food.


I've never tried powdered butter, but it sounds good to use on popcorn. How does it stack up to solid butter when it comes to flavor?

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