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What Is Qutab?

M. Chambers
M. Chambers

Qutab is a traditional dish of Azerbaijani origins that is made from thin rolled dough that is fried over a flat iron plate and stuffed with various fillings. There are several variations of this dish, but the ingredients included in the dough are relatively consistent with all types of qutab and include eggs, salt, water and flour as the main components. After the dough is created using the main ingredients, the mixture is thinly rolled out and cut into circles. The circles of dough are then filled with traditional qutab filling before the patty is fried over a griddle.

The filling used inside this dish often include various meats and cheeses, as well as greens, pumpkin, spinach or other vegetables. If meat is used as a filling, it is common to include onions, rice and spices in the mixture. Lamb is the most popular choice of meat used in qutab, but other types of meat are commonly used as well. The finished patty usually is served with melted butter, fennel, parsley or sumac. Yogurt also is frequently served with the dish.

Qutab is often flavored with coriander.
Qutab is often flavored with coriander.

Chiburekki is a popular dish that originates from Tajikistan and is quite similar to qutab in that it uses fried dough that is stuffed with various kinds of fillings. Qutab is often referred to as chiburekki in many Turkish regions. Both variations of this fried turnover are similar to the Italian calzone and the American turnover pastry.

The spices used in this traditional Azerbaijani fried patty, such as cardamon, saffron, cinnamon and cloves, are what make this dish representative of the Azerbaijani cuisine. Other spices that can be used in any combination include dill, basil, leeks, fresh ginger and coriander. Mint, garlic, cumin and pepper also might be included.

Qutab is often served with yogurt.
Qutab is often served with yogurt.

This dish is often served with black tea, which is the national beverage of Azerbaijan. It also is common to serve qutab or other Azerbaijani foods with soups, many of which are made using plain yogurt and vegetables. The Azerbaijani people often prepare foods with vegetables and fruits that are in season at the time.

There are many foods and recipes in Azerbaijan, and qutab is one of the most popular dishes in the region. The cuisine of this region is known for the fresh ingredients and for the fragrant herbs and spices used in the unique dishes that originate from this part of the world. Azerbaijan is also known for its healthful and robust cooking that combines healthy ingredients with strong flavors.

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    • Qutab is often flavored with coriander.
      By: zoë biggs
      Qutab is often flavored with coriander.
    • Qutab is often served with yogurt.
      By: Colinda McKie
      Qutab is often served with yogurt.