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What Is Saffron Cream?

Saffron cream is a luxurious skincare elixir, infused with the golden spice saffron, known for its potent antioxidant properties. This cream promises to rejuvenate and illuminate the skin, offering a radiant complexion. Its rich texture and aromatic scent provide a sensorial experience that pampers the skin. Curious about how saffron can transform your skincare routine? Dive deeper with us.
Malysa Stratton Louk
Malysa Stratton Louk

Saffron cream is a thick sauce made from saffron threads, heavy cream and broth or fish stock. The cream sauce is used to flavor rice, fish and seafood, fruit, chicken, meat or pasta. Some cream sauces also can be made to serve with desserts. Native to Southwest Asia, the saffron threads come from the stigma of saffron crocus (Crocus sativus) flowers. Saffron cream sauce is often expensive because of the high cost of the saffron threads and can be difficult and time consuming for inexperienced cooks.

Saffron powder is sometimes used to make the cream sauce but, more often, dried saffron threads are used. The saffron threads are simmered in chicken broth, white wine or fish stock for 10 to 30 minutes before the cream is added. Other spices or vegetables — such as onion, garlic, spinach and tomatoes — are sometimes added to the sauce. After the cream is added, the sauce thickens and cooks for another minute or two to incorporate the flavors. The saffron cream is then served hot over any number of dishes.

Dried saffron.
Dried saffron.

Saffron cream is usually made as a savory sauce for dinner-type dishes, although it is versatile enough also to accompany dessert dishes. One version of a sweet saffron cream uses heavy cream, powdered sugar and saffron powder whipped together and served atop mousse, pudding or cakes. Another version uses coconut milk, sugar, saffron threads, cornstarch and egg yolks. The cream is cooked and cooled and becomes the consistency of pudding, which is then served with cake.

Saffron flowers (more accurately known as saffron crocuses).
Saffron flowers (more accurately known as saffron crocuses).

Basic saffron cream made only with sweet wine or milk and cream, omitting the broth or stock, can be made with the addition of egg yolks and honey. This type of saffron cream is then used to make tarts and fruit dips or sauces. Most dessert saffron creams require the saffron threads to be soaked in water for a period of time prior to making the sauce because they are not first steeped in broth. Many saffron sauces also can be made without the addition of heavy cream.

Heavy cream is used to make saffron cream.
Heavy cream is used to make saffron cream.

Saffron stigmas, or threads, are often used to decrease appetite and increase positive moods, and they sometimes aide in weight loss. The possible mood-improving effect means they also are used by some people to help alleviate premenstrual symptoms. In addition to the added benefits, the saffron threads add a unique flavor and yellow color to foods. The saffron cream sauce can be used with virtually any dish.

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One of my favorite foods is cod with saffron cream sauce.

Cod is a difficult fish to cook and serve because it's a gentle but a fatty fish. So it's best poached and grilled but it cannot be served as is because it will be too bland. A great sauce is the perfect way to dress up cod and saffron cream sauce goes great with fish in general.

Since cod is fatty, I try to keep the fat content in the saffron cream sauce low. Some people add butter to make saffron cream sauce richer, but I just use broth and cream. I simmer it with saffron strands. It's important to use real, expensive saffron in this sauce because that's what gives the sauce its beautiful yellow color and aromatic flavor.


@turquoise-- Yes. Both refer to a sauce made with cream and saffron strands. The recipe can vary a little bit depending on the preferences of the cook. Saffron cream can also be served in different ways, on top of different dishes.

Alternatively, saffron cream can refer to a milk based dessert laced with saffron. This type of dessert is more common in the Middle East and South Asian countries. It's not surprising considering that the best saffron in the world is grown in Iran and India. There are many dishes in these countries that make use of saffron spice. So sauces, creams and desserts made with saffron are more common in these parts of the world.

So are saffron cream and saffron sauce the same thing then?
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    • Dried saffron.
      By: Marco Speranza
      Dried saffron.
    • Saffron flowers (more accurately known as saffron crocuses).
      By: robert casacci
      Saffron flowers (more accurately known as saffron crocuses).
    • Heavy cream is used to make saffron cream.
      By: Viorel Sima
      Heavy cream is used to make saffron cream.