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What is the Nutrition Information for Items in the Costco Food Court?

Costco's Food Court offers a variety of tasty treats, from their famous hot dogs to pizza slices, each with unique nutritional profiles. Whether you're counting calories, watching sodium intake, or seeking vegetarian options, understanding these details can help you make informed choices. Wondering how your favorite snack stacks up health-wise? Let's explore the nutritional landscape of Costco's convenient cuisine. Ready to learn more?
L. S. Wynn
L. S. Wynn
L. S. Wynn
L. S. Wynn

Costco is a chain of huge warehouse stores that offers bulk pricing to the public. In addition to bulk goods, the store offers an increasing number of services for its customers. Some sell gas, have a bakery, and even do photo processing. One of the more common warehouse features is the Costco Food Court. Nutritional information may be difficult to obtain directly from the store, but is available from Costco corporate headquarters. Here is some nutrition information about the foods available:

item cal. fat (g) chol. (mg) sod. (mg) fib. (g)
Costco Chicken Caesar Salad 670 40 135 2680 7
Costco Chicken Bake Sandwich 770 25 115 2310 2
Costco California Churro with Cinnamon and Sugar 410 18 0 610 3
Costco Hebrew National Hot Dog (includes bun, ketchup, mustard, onion, relish & kraut) 550 34 70 1630 3
Turkey Wrap 810 38 85 2570 7
Costco Slice of Cheese Pizza (1/6 of a pizza) 700 28 75 1370 3
Yogurt 390 0 10 280 0
Fruit Smoothie 290 0 0 45 1
Costco Hebrew National Polish Sausage
(includes bun, ketchup, mustard, onion, relish & kraut)
540 32 65 1580 3
Nutritional Guidelines (Daily values listed on U.S. nutrition labels) 2000 65 300 2400 25

We have updated our table with Costco's nutritional data that was revised on 10/30/2007. Nearly all figures in this chart have changed — some for the healthier, some not.

To put some of these numbers into perspective, here is some nutrition information from other fast-food outlets:

item cal. fat (g) chol. (mg) sod. (mg)
McDonalds: Big Mac 600 33 85 1050
Jack in the Box: Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger 1120 75 160 2260
Wendy's: Chocolate Frosty (12 oz.) 330 8 35 200
Taco Bell: Beef Burrito Supreme 440 18 40 1330
Pizza Hut: Pepperoni P'Zone 1220 44 120 2560
Nutritional Guidelines (Daily values listed on U.S. nutrition labels) 2000 65 300 2400

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Discussion Comments


Milk fat comprises about 0.55-6 percent of the yogurt.

Milk solids account for 8-14 percent of the yogurt's volume.

Cane or beet sugar provides 15-17 percent of the yogurt's ingredients.

It has animal gelatin and/or vegetable additives and air, natural or artificial flavorings, and sometimes natural or artificial coloring. It sits in aging tanks for up to four hours.

Frozen yogurt may or may not contain live and active bacteria cultures. Frozen yogurt mix is sold in a powder form that needs to be mixed with water or liquid form.


I eat there all the time, because it's very inexpensive. The hot dogs are the best. Sometimes I'll get one and eat it while I shop and then one for the ride home.


We used to love the Costco hot dogs, but they are no longer Hebrew National. They are now labeled "Kirkland All Beef Hot Dogs" and are very, very salty. I just bought the three pack of dogs and my teenager would not eat them. I tried one and I don't blame him. They are so full of salt they are inedible. I'm going to bring the rest of them back. It's a shame because, we really enjoyed them before.


in case you are wondering what happened to the soft pretzels, I understand that they stopped because they were having too many employees getting carpal tunnel from making 200+ (one person).


@Anon 64826: There is no lard in the pizza or the bake. The dough is a frozen product that has flour, water, yeast, salt and vegetable oil which is not lard. They also only use olive oil on the dough skins when pressing them out.

Regarding fiber content: Hot dog-2 gr, polish dog 3gr, chz pizza sl. 3gr, pepperoni pizza sl. 3gr, chicken bake 7gr, turkey wrap 4gr, carne asada bake 4gr, ck caesar 7gr, churro 3 gr, berry sundae 3gr, frozen yogurt 0gr.

The new nutrition info that the FDA passed that should apply to the food court and other areas and not just restaurants is being being fought by the big box stores. Scream a little and write the FDA to make them follow it. until then they are supposed to give you nutritional info if you ask, including the deli department.


I love their food and eat there every Friday with my family when we shop. My husband and kids don't know that the Very Berry Sundae is actually yogurt ice cream though. And I'm not telling them or they'll make us go to DQ afterward. Does anyone know what's in yogurt ice cream anyway? Can't seem to find the ingredients for the yogurt ice cream at Costco food court. Thanks!


#75 you write a whole paragraph complaining about people who complain! i think anyone who wants more information on what they're eating deserves it, and props to them for not just eating it and forgetting about it!


1. Costco serves Vienna Beef dogs (Chicago's finest).

2. Lard tastes good. It comes from pigs.

3. If you're on a diet, or diabetic, then why the hell are you eating at Costco?


Hear, Hear #73! I too am sick and tired of hearing people who are overweight, diabetic, and the like complain about everything under the sun; blaming everything that's wrong with their diet on someone else. Long overdue for them to point that finger at themselves; no one's forcing anything down their gullets. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Specifically, were I a diabetic, and wished to eat a foodstuff without seeing any posted nutritional information, I would, um, I dunno, ask someone before shoving it into my food hole.


Does anyone have the calories, fat, and fiber info for the Costco white chocolate macadamia nut cookies?


#63 needs to chill out. Maybe you should not be eating food from a warehouse store food court as a diabetic.


About once a year I enjoy a waffle cone with chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream. I'm a WW and know it is way too large a portion but I only eat down to the cone and have a taste of the cone. Why can't we have normal size servings. What are the nutrition facts for the Costco serving?


You can ask at the food court for a copy of their nutritional information.


this is all very mind boggling to me. Who has the discipline and time to count calories and fat anyway? Why not just focus on the large portion of fruits and veggies they sell there and eat at home and then you can know exactly what's in your food?

No sense in gobbling up fat and carbs that someone else's menu planned for you. Besides, you should never go shopping around a meal time. Eat healthily at home first and you will eat out less! It's not how much you eat - it's what you eat that packs the pounds on.

No wonder obesity is an epidemic. The whiter the bread the sooner you're dead. Everyone's looking for a quick fix. It's all lies in eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables and going easy on acidic, greasy meats! Chicken and fish are best! Good luck folks!


I love Costco food and I feel that is OK to have it once or twice a month. I know that this food is high in calories but I always count my calories and save half for my sis or mom. That way, we still get the taste but only half of the calories.

Remember: Taste on the lips, lifetime on the hips. Just don't eat it all at once. Eat half today and save the other half for tomorrow. That way you spread the goodness over two days. LOL


what are the calories for a caffe latte with cinnamon at costco? Do they use 2 percent milk?


I think in order to be successful in your weight loss journey you need to track your food calories. Exercise is also really important to speeding up the weight loss process. There are websites that allows you to track all of your daily calories for free. They will help you with your new diet plan.


Didn't read all of the comments, but what's not listed is the amount of food Costco gives you compared to the fast food places. The turkey wrap is freakin huge.

It's still a good guideline. Thanks.


We need the info for the turkey wrap with no mayo. It is my experience with many other sandwiches that the fat is mostly in the mayo so the turkey wrap with no mayo should be significantly fewer points.



This is terrible, I'm diabetic and there is no marking for carbs. Whoever made this needs to learn how to make nutritional information tags.


I work at costco and all the employees eat the turkey wrap over everything because they think its healthier. haha, i got news for them now


I've eaten both the turkey wrap and the chicken bake, and you will not convince me that the turkey wrap has more calories, fat, sodium. No way. Not a chance.


What is the nutrition value of Costco Chocolate Ice cream in a cup?


Thanks anon63257. I hate dressing on any salad and have a hard time finding the calorie info for some salads without it.


I came back from Costco tonight so proud of myself for ordering a turkey wrap when the rest of my family was ordering chicken bakes and double slices of pizza.

How crazy is it that I would have been better off ordering that huge greasy slice of pizza or that dripping (although yummy) chicken bake? I guess I'll be hopping on the elliptical for another 15 minutes after finding out this info.


Costco pizza dough is made with lard. stay away from it. They intentionally leave this ingredient off the list. I have a family member who works there and he confirmed that lard is used. The chicken bake has lard too.


Holy cow! Now I am doubly glad that I only eat half of a turkey wrap in one sitting and save the rest for later. Those numbers are ridiculous!


For those of you wondering about the Caesar Salad - I bought one and weighed and measured all of the components. I weighed these on a mediocre home food scale and I am not a scientist so these numbers are approximate.

Here's what I cam up with:

chicken 7oz. calories 388

lettuce 4 cups calories 31

cheese 1/2 ounce calories 50

tomatoes 3 ounces calories 15

Total: 484 calories

So without the dressing or croutons you're looking at 484 calories. I add my own light caesar dressing - 4 tablespoons is only 80 calories.

Hope that helps!


The slice of pepperoni has less cheese than a slice of cheese.


How can a pepperoni slice have fewer calories than the cheese slice? Any info on their half-pound cheeseburger?


What are the carbs for each item? For Diabetes sufferers that's an important piece of the nutritional puzzle.


Regarding the fries at Costco, the girl at the food court was nice enough to show me the bag the fries come into and they are full of msg. It's just nice to know I was not imagining my reaction.


To anon56955:

I found some errors in your post.

1. Costco pizza does have a lot of grease/oil. I usually have to use a napkin to blot it off before eating. Especially the pepperoni. The oil will drip off when the slice is held vertically.

2. A whole Costco pizza comes in 12 slices. I think you are confusing slice with serving size. The pizza has 12 slices but an individual serving/order is 2 slices, which equals 1/6 of the pizza.


There's no way that a slice of costco pizza is 700-800 calories (if this were true then other places would have slices over 1000 calories because costco pizza has hardly any grease/oil) The costco pizza comes in 10 pieces, so 1/6 of the pizza is not a "slice" would be 5/3 i.e. 1 and 2/3 slices.


700 calories for a slice of pizza! They must use whole milk mozzarella and a lot of butter in the crust. Tastes good if you don't think about the calories.


Just use your common sense. If this looks good, cut yours in half before you even take a bite, and put half of it away. Fill up the rest of your meal with fruits and vegetables and it's not that bad. Or simply share the other half with a co-worker/friend.

Balance it up with a 15 minute walk and there's nothing to get upset about. Moderation is key. Eat the foods you enjoy -- just eat less.


You can always order a whole pizza and ask for less cheese and/or pepperoni. this would lower the fat and calorie count. I work there and people do it all the time.

But really the way i see it is that pizza and hot dogs are not healthy foods and any semi-bright person should know this. Nobody is forcing you to buy it. And if you do eat it frequently (multiple times a week) like many members do, don't blame Costco for making you fat.


in response to another comment: I work in costco's food court. Nobody really cares about giving out the information. it's no secret. we don't hide it. it's all printed on a sheet under the register counter if anyone wants to know. unless the employees lost it. but i can assure you that no employees really care about hiding any information. if we have it, we'd give it to you no problem.

i kind of like telling people how many calories the hand dipped ice cream bar has. it's well over 800 closer to 900. it's funny to see the look on people's faces after you tell them that. nearly half your day's calorie intake right there. stay away from it!


I pulled apart my chicken salad today and weighed and measured every component. Couldn't separate out all the cheese but got most of it. There was 1/2 oz of parm cheese, 4 oz chicken, 10 grape tomatoes less than 3/4 cup, about 4 cups of lettuce and the dressing. I left off the croutons. I went online and calculated the dressing at the mid range Caesar dressing they had listed at the rate of 2T=4 points. I measured the dressing at 1/2 cup. So 8 tablespoons of caesar dressing at the above rate = 16 points, but as someone said, who could eat that much dressing? At the rate I calculated above the total WW points in the salad would be 20.5. Now if you do what I did and eat everything but all that dressing (I used 2 tablespoons), the points come down to a doable 9 points. Have to be careful the rest of the day, but if you are up in the higher range for daily points you can easily eat the Costco Chicken Caesar Salad and stay on program, just leave the croutons off.


does anyone have the calories of turkey wrap with out the wrap?


Anyone know how much caffeine is in the freezes from Costco?


Does anyone know the breakdown of calories by component in the chicken salad? I only use about 1/4 of the dressing they provide, 1/2 the croutons and I pick off most of the cheese. I can't believe anyone could actually eat that much caesar dressing. I think it would make me sick.


How can the Turkey Wrap have 38 g of fat on it? There is only one slice of cheese and barely any mayo or you can get it without mayo. Even though the tortilla is huge, it is hard to believe it is worse for you than a Big Mac.


These are very helpful. I would also like to know what the smoothie is made of. My son is allergic to milk products but wants to try a smoothie. Is it made with milk products?


I'm about to head out to Costco, Culver City, CA. I'm hungry and sometimes I get the polish dog (reminiscences of Baltimore MD polish dogs in the 50s!). I was happy to find this site listing the nutritional content.

About what I thought. I'll still get one, but one every few months isn't bad! But yes, the numbers aren't good at all, but would it taste so good without all that fat and sodium?? The sad part is, yes, many people eat this type of food as daily fare. No wonder we are in a epidemic of diabetes and overweight, etc. I could easily do w/o the dog, anytime, and if Costco does change their menu for the better, God bless 'em. If enough people holler, I'm sure Mr. Sinegal (owner) will do something about it. I just hope they make a healthier polish dog that tastes nearly as good! Thank you. :)


I am allergic to MSG, and have been dreadfully sick since I ate the fries from the food court at costco. I only had five or six of them when I suspected the coating might contain some form of msg or seasoning salt. I threw the fries out then but still got a major reaction. If anyone has any information I would be so grateful.


Can you tell me how many carbs are in the Fat Free

Chocolate/Vanilla yogurt?


When Costco stopped offering pretzels I ate their salads for awhile (with very little dressing), but recently started eating their "innocent-looking" chicken bakes. I am totally shocked about the amount of fat in them...and the calorie count is about half of what I am supposed to eat per day. This is so sad. No wonder so many of us are overweight in this country. Come on Costco, do the right thing and give us something we can eat without slowly killing ourselves. I'm going to pass the word around to others while they wait in line for their high-calorie food. Something has to change.


What is the calorie content on costco's cafe latte?


The Kirkland Costco has a baked potato with chicken chili and cheese. What are the nutritional facts on this item?


what is the calorie count for the turkey wrap with no cheese?


OK, I had to post a response to this post. I work at a Costco food court and am very familiar with all the nutritional contents of the items we sell. Yes, if you look at the calories and fat content it is pretty high *however*....a reasonably intelligent person would also look at the size of the items and realize that it is a lot bigger than one serving. For example, the turkey wrap -- did you notice that the weight of one turkey wrap is about a pound? and one slice of pizza is 1/6 of an 18" pizza! So come on, lets not blame the company that makes the food, use a little self control and only eat a normal person sized portion!


I work at a Costco Food Court and we switched the dressing in the Caesar salad to a low fat variety several months back... or at least that was planned at some point. The dressing does look a lot different since then, but I haven't seen any updated nutritional information since then. So I'm pretty sure it has changed, but haven't seen any documents to prove that. The supervisor or manager at your Costco should be able to get you a copy of the information on all their items. We keep one by one of our registers at all times and have no problems with showing it to anyone that asks.


does anyone know what the calories, fat and fiber content is of costco ice cream or yogurt ( not sure what it is). need to convert it to weight watchers points


Costco All-Beef hot dogs are the best!


What is the calories on their turkey wrap without the mayo? I always ask for no mayonnaise.


anon16925 - The fat content of a Costco Pastrami Sandwich, according to their nutrition facts, is 9g total fat, 2.5g saturated fat, and 0g trans fat.


Wow. Shocking to me that the innocent-looking turkey wrap is 19 WW points!!!!


What is the fat content on the pastrami sandwich?


From Leslie81:

I think the reason why the Pizza Hut calorie count per slice is so much less than Costco pizza is because they are only counting 1/12 of a pizza that is smaller than a Costco pizza. The calorie count for a Costco pizza is based on a serving (2 slices) not per slice. A serving is 1/6 of a whole pizza. Also, I posted previously that a serving of Costco combo pizza has 680 calories.


anon15619, the Costco slices are MUCH larger than a large slice at pizza hut. Costco also loads their pizzas up on cheese. It's right.


Hmmm. I'm interested in the pizza numbers. Above it says a slice has 700 calories, and that's just a cheese pizza. I went to the Pizza Hut website and looked at their numbers. Their largest "meat lovers" pizza has 370 calories per slice. So either PH is inaccurate or misleading, or something else is. Maybe the Costco pizza is a lot thicker, and would equal two slices of the PH pizza? I'd love to see the numbers for the other Costco pizzas, especially the one with pepperoni and sausage, gotta be around 1000 calories a slice, no? Not exactly health food. But damn, it sure is good!!!!


Anon14975 - The nutrition facts sheet they give out only shows the nutrition data for the salad *with* dressing. If you work for them, you should be able to ask them for the data directly.


I work at a Costco and eat the salad almost every day for lunch, but I intentionally leave the dressing aside, knowing that it accounts for easily 25 of that 40 grams of fat, at least. It has a small amount of parm cheese, but I don't imagine that accounting for all too much fat.

My question is if you have the nutritional information for the salad WITHOUT the dressing?


Hi, I am interested in the information for the "Turkey wrap" at the Costco Food Court. Does anyone have that information? I wouldn't think that it is that bad, but after seeing these numbers, I am almost afraid to find out... -Bill


The high fat content of the chicken caesar salad is very likely due to the dressing. I'm glad they keep it separate on the side because I usually only put on 1/3 of the amount they give you.


I have the Turkey Wrap! Costco just sent me an updated listing of all of their items, dated 10/30/2007.

Turkey Wrap: Service Size: 14.4oz

Calories: 810

Cals from Fat: 340

Total Fat: 38g (58%)

- Sat. Fat: 16g (82% (good lord))

- Poly Unsat. Fat: 5g

- Mono Unsat. Fat: 17g

- Trans Fat: 0.5g

Cholesterol: 85mg (29%)

Sodium: 2570mg (107% - ouch)

Carbs: 65g (22%)

Fiber: 7g (30%)

Sugars: 4g

Protein: 56g (nice)

Vit A: 60%

Vit C: 15%

Calcium: 50%

Iron: 40%

Thiamin: 40%

Riboflavin: 40%

Niacin: 50%

Folate: 35%


Do you know where to find the nutritional values of Costco's Rotisserie Chicken? I've searched & searched and can't seem to find it. Thank you for your help!


Hi, I appreciate the attempt at giving the nutrition facts, but a lot of them are incorrect. I called Costco and requested a copy of the official nutritional data. They very reluctantly gave it out, by the way. But if you are a Costco member you can call them up and they will send it to you by mail or fax. Unfortunately I can't scan and post the facts. Here are answers to already posted questions:

*FIBER content, in grams per serving of each item:

-combo pizza 4

-cheese pizza 3

-pepperoni pizza 3

-hot dog (both brands) 2

-sinai polish sausage 2

-hebrew nat. polish sausage 3

-chicken caesar salad 7

-chicken bake 2

-italian sausage sandwich 3

-fruit smoothie 1

-strawberry banana or tropical smoothie 2

-hot latte 0

-hot mocha or mocha freeze <1

-latte freeze 0

-churro 3

-ice cream bar 5

-berry sundae 1

-yogurt 0

-pastrami sandwich 4

-french fries 7

*The cheese pizza has 700 calories, not 804. (Combo is 680, pepperoni 620)

*The berry smoothie has 290 calories (not 200) and IS fat free. The serving size is 16oz.

*I don't have the info for the turkey wrap. The info they sent me was updated 5/14/07.



Thanks for the information!


Please lower the fat content in your pizza, bring back the pretzel and offer salad without chicken for us vegetarians.... after checking this site, i'm going to make sure that i eat first, then shop. Thanks.


Costco recently came out with a turkey wrap at their food court, when will you have the nutritional information for it? Thanks.


I pulled up this site to find CALORIES - FAT & FIBER in order to convert them to Weight Watcher's points. These three pieces of info are imperative. When will this info be available? Thank you!


Where is the nutritional info on the berry smoothie? It was the reason I came on here. Is it fat free like I was told by someone and how many calories does it have?


Wow, I am so sad, I LOVE Costco Pizza and was considering running over there to have a piece in celebration of losing 13 lbs since going on a diet for my newly diagnosed type 11 Diabetes! After looking online for a low calorie Pizza, I thought I'd check out one of my favorites. Alas, it's too bad to eat even in celebration, I just can't make myself do that, not after having to face a huge health issue like Diabetes for the first time in my life. I'm so glad I have seen this loss in weight and as much as I want to "go out and celebrate" a little, I can't do that, I'll keep looking for a better (healthier)slice of pizza. :( Bye Costco Pizza, I'll miss you!!


I, along with hundreds of other Weight Watchers need the fiber information on your food court nutritional information in order for us to calculate the points...which are based on calories, fat, fiber...I see someone else asked but I don't see the answer...I'm grateful for your help...thank you...


Do you have the fiber content of the Costco food court foods? That is the only component missing for me to be able to calculate the "points" for weight watchers. I think that would be a great asset to your site for ALL of your postings.

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    • Costco in known for its bulk,wholesale items.
      By: Robert Neff
      Costco in known for its bulk,wholesale items.
    • A hot dog with mustard.
      By: Brenda Carson
      A hot dog with mustard.
    • Pizza is available in the Costco Food Court.
      By: william87
      Pizza is available in the Costco Food Court.
    • A cheeseburger may be found at a Costco food court.
      By: PhotoEd
      A cheeseburger may be found at a Costco food court.