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What Should I Consider When Buying an Ice Bucket?

When selecting an ice bucket, consider insulation quality to ensure ice stays frozen longer. Size matters for your entertaining needs, and a lid is crucial to maintain temperature and hygiene. Material choice, from elegant stainless steel to durable plastic, affects appearance and longevity. Think about your lifestyle: will you travel with it, or is it for home use? What's your ideal ice bucket style?
Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

An ice bucket is an important home accessory that is often used when entertaining but also great when simply relaxing with a beverage or cocktail. Rather than having to retrieve ice from the freezer or icemaker each time you or a guest would like to refresh a drink, you can simply fill the ice bucket and carry it with you to the patio or set it in a serving area. When buying an ice bucket, the main considerations are function, style and price. There are plenty of options from which to choose, from purely functional, to whimsical, to high style. Price ranges vary as much as styles do.

If style is your main concern, don't worry. You can find something to complement your decor or to coordinate with your existing barware. On the other hand, if you are also selecting barware, you can find attractive sets that include bar glasses, serving tools, a decanter if desired and an ice bucket. Choose from leather covered, etched glass, insulated glass or plastic, stainless steel, crystal, acrylic or rustic metal. You may even want to have an ice bucket personalized with a monogram or family name.

Ice cubes.
Ice cubes.

For fun, consider a talking ice bucket. One style has a beer label and repeats that brand's slogans whenever the ice bucket is opened. There are also other fun styles in charming, whimsical designs, bright colors and unique shapes, such as an acrylic ice bucket designed to look like a block of ice. For a cute, rustic look, try an ice bucket that looks like a metal milking pail or a washtub.

If function is the greater concern, there are many high quality options to choose from as well. An ice bucket with a lid is a good choice, to help ice last longer. Also look for good insulation. Some models look more like a large thermos than an ice bucket, and are constructed in much the same way. The bucket is made up of a double-walled structure, which not only provides better insulation, but also helps diminish the effects of condensation.

Ice buckets also make great gifts for holidays, housewarmings, weddings and anniversaries.

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    • Ice cubes.
      By: karandaev
      Ice cubes.