Which Has More Caffeine: Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke?

Diet Coke™ has almost 10 milligrams more caffeine per can than Diet Pepsi™. Interestingly, Diet Coke™ also has more caffeine than regular Coke™, Coke Zero™ and Cherry Coke™, as well as both regular and Diet Dr. Pepper™. The soft drinks with the least caffeine are Fanta™, 7-Up™ and Sprite™, each of which has no caffeine. The soda with the most caffeine is Mountain Dew™, closely followed by Mello Yello™, although carbonated energy drinks have more than either of those. The average cup of drip coffee contains more caffeine than any soda.

More on sodas:

  • More than 1 billion Coke products are consumed per day, and about 10,500 Coke drinks are consumed every second. Incidentally, in the United Kingdom, Coke items are littered more than those from any other brand.

  • About one-fifth of the sugar in the average American's diet comes from soft drinks. Studies have shown that drinking one soft drink per day increases a child's risk of obesity by 60% as well as causing a 65% increase in dental decay and tooth loss. More than half of the teenagers and children in America drink at least one soft drink per day.

  • The average worldwide consumption of soda is about 25 gallons (about 90 liters) per person per year. People in the U.S. consume more than twice as much soda per year as people in Australia, Ireland or Japan.
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