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How Do I Choose the Best Baby Bananas?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Baby bananas are a popular version of the full-size fruit, and they are indigenous to Central and North America. Also called finger bananas, the best versions of this food have yellow skins without any splits in them. Both grocery stores and farmer’s markets are common places to find bananas, but you might consider going to a natural food outlet if you want to purchase organic varieties. When cooking baby bananas, the best kinds are ones that are fully ripe. As a way to save time and money, you can also temporarily store the fruit in the refrigerator once it ripens.

Quality baby bananas are picked when they are green so that they do not ripen before making it to the supermarket. Choosing green bananas will ensure that the fruit lasts longer, but, for immediate consumption, the best baby bananas are ones that have yellow skins without bruises and splits in them. A few brown spots are acceptable, but this indicates that the fruit is riper and it must be used immediately.

Baby bananas.
Baby bananas.

Due to worldwide demand, bananas are widely available in most grocery stores, as well as farmer’s markets. The best baby bananas can be found in these outlets, but you still need to ensure that you look at the skins carefully before buying. If you want fruit that is grown organically, then you might need to look at a specialty food store if your local market does not carry produce grown without chemicals. A natural food store is the best place to purchase a bunch of baby bananas, while you might consider purchasing the fruit online if you want a large quantity at once.

Ripe baby bananas can be added to fruit salad.
Ripe baby bananas can be added to fruit salad.

The best kinds of baby bananas for cooking are fully ripe ones. As a banana ripens, the fruit itself tends to soften, making it easier to fry or mash. You can still utilize a baby banana if its skin has just turned brown as long as the fruit’s texture suits the particular recipe you are making. For cold desserts, you will want to use finger bananas with yellow skins because the fruit inside is firmer. Fruit salads and baked bananas are also best when the skin has just ripened.

Many consumers make the mistake of throwing away ripe bananas because of fears of spoilage. Like many other types of fruits, finger bananas can be refrigerated in order to extend the life of the food. Once a banana is ripe, you can refrigerate it for two to three days — this method saves you both time and money from having to buy new fruit. Refrigerated baby bananas can be eaten as they are, or you may still cook them in a variety of recipes.

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The last paragraph really hits home, as I used to be one of those consumers. The reason why I would throw away ripe bananas is because I didn't know if/when they would spoil, and I was always trying to be cautious. However, when fruit has finally ripened, that's your chance to eat it.

You shouldn't worry about it spoiling in a day or two, but you shouldn't let it sit out either. On a final note, if you're still worried about your bananas spoiling, the best way to observe this is color. When they're fully green, they're unripened. When they're partially green and yellow, they're still ripening. However, when they're fully yellow, the bananas are ready to be eaten.


Though I've never had baby bananas before, I can assume that they have quite a few similarities to the normal bananas. However, the main and obvious difference is that they're baby sized. Overall though, I still enjoy them for what they are. In relation to the second to last paragraph, I agree in the sense that it's better to cook the (baby) bananas when they're fully ripe. In fact, this can apply to many fruits. When they aren't ripe, they tend to be firm and tasteless. Letting the fruit soften can certainly solve this problem. On another note, you don't want to make sure that they're overly ripe either, as doing so can certainly spoil the fruit, especially if you leave it out for too long.

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    • Baby bananas.
      Baby bananas.
    • Ripe baby bananas can be added to fruit salad.
      By: pilipphoto
      Ripe baby bananas can be added to fruit salad.