How Do I Choose the Best Brisket Seasoning?

Lee Johnson

Choose the best brisket seasoning by looking at recipes for brisket and using seasonings included on those recipes. Chefs should look at the specific seasonings and think about how well that would suit their guests’ tastes. As well as this, looking at the specific herbs and spices and thinking about how well they complement each other is also a good idea for cooks hoping to find the best brisket seasoning. If the chef is unsure about the best seasoning, he or she can use common seasonings for brisket, such as salt, pepper, and thyme, to avoid choosing something which ruins the dish. After cooking the dish with a basic mixture of seasoning, the chef can adjust the recipe or other ingredients to taste.

Dried marjoram, which is often used in brisket seasoning.
Dried marjoram, which is often used in brisket seasoning.

The best method of determining the best brisket seasoning is to look over recipes for and rubs. These recipes will give the chef an idea of the sorts of flavors suited to use with beef brisket. Taste is very subjective, so different chefs often include different herbs and seasonings on their recipes. Chefs should look over recipes written by other chefs and choose the seasonings and herbs they most like the flavor of to find their ideal brisket seasoning.

Paprika is commonly used to season brisket.
Paprika is commonly used to season brisket.

When combining different seasonings for use on brisket, it is important to look at the specific combination and think about how well those seasonings complement each other. Chefs can create a sample mixture of the herbs and spices and taste them before deciding on a brisket seasoning. Spices and herbs which complement each other well, such as cumin, paprika, and oregano, are preferable to those which don’t usually go together, such as paprika and marjoram.

A chef should always consider his or her guests when deciding on the best brisket seasoning. Some guests, for example, may not like spicy food. For a guest such as this, a seasoning which includes cayenne pepper is likely to make the brisket unpalatable. Likewise, some guests may not like the flavor of other seasonings. It is easiest to prepare brisket for a dinner party where the chef knows the guests quite well.

Using common brisket seasoning options can be a good starting point for many chefs. Common seasonings used on brisket include salt, pepper, and thyme. Many recipes also suggest the use of bay leaves. Chefs can start by cooking a brisket with these seasonings, and then adjusting the amounts or specific ingredients the next time they cook it, based on the results. This can help chefs craft their personal favorite brisket seasoning.

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