How Do I Choose the Best Seasoning for Cabbage?

Alex Tree

You can choose the best seasoning for cabbage by determining the kind of cabbage you wish to make. Plain cabbage side dishes are usually boiled with basic spices like salt. Corned beef and cabbage recipes have a lot of seasoning variety, from garlic to sugar. In addition, stuffed or rolled cabbage dishes usually do not focus on the cabbage part of the dish; instead, the important spices are inside flavoring the meat, rice, or other additions. Lastly, a soup dish made with cabbage might also call for chicken bouillon cubes.

Some keep seasoning for cabbage simple by only using salt and black pepper.
Some keep seasoning for cabbage simple by only using salt and black pepper.

Some people choose to keep the seasoning simple by using only generous amounts of salt and pepper. These spices are commonly used on boiled cabbage recipes, along with butter. If the cabbage is cooked as a meal rather than a side dish, ham or sausage and potatoes are traditional additions in some places. Such additions, which have the necessary protein to make the side dish a full meal, can be boiled with the cabbage until done. After this, the food is spooned out of the pot and into a bowl.

Sometimes adding seasoning for cabbage is unnecessary.
Sometimes adding seasoning for cabbage is unnecessary.

The best seasoning for cabbage when it comes to making a corned beef and cabbage recipe varies. Garlic, sugar, and bay leaf are some seasonings placed in the pot with the brisket and vegetables. In some countries, beef briskets usually come with a spice packet that includes mustard seed, garlic, and much more. If you or someone who may be eating the seasoned cabbage and meat are allergic to certain spices, do not use the spice rub. Salt and pepper can be added to taste.

Sugar is used in certain cabbage dishes.
Sugar is used in certain cabbage dishes.

Sometimes adding seasoning for cabbage is unnecessary, which is usually the case for cabbage rolls. Cabbage rolls often focus on what is in the rolls rather than the cabbage itself. The cabbage leaves can be boiled or used raw, depending on the recipe. Cabbage roll filling can be meaty, tangy, and juicy. Some spices commonly used inside the rolls are brown sugar, black pepper, and salt.

A cabbage soup dish recipe might call for bouillon cubes, which are dehydrated stock and vegetables and sometimes the perfect seasoning for cabbage. Bouillon cubes are a cheap and convenient spice used for a lot of soups, not just cabbage soups. These cubes do not taste exactly like fresh chicken stock and vegetables, but the taste is similar. They are often saltier than the fresh alternative. Garlic and pepper are other spices commonly added to cabbage soups.

Garlic may be used to season cabbage.
Garlic may be used to season cabbage.

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@turquoise-- Do you like Indian food? If you do, you can make cabbage fry.

You basically cook black mustard seeds, turmeric, chili pepper (optional) and cumin in ghee or oil and then finally add cabbage that is sliced thin and long.

This is one of my favorite side dishes that I make alongside rice and dal. It's very quick and tasty. Give it a try!


My dad gave me a huge cabbage from our farm. I don't know what to make with it but I know that I want to add lots of spices because I can't eat cabbage otherwise. It's not my favorite vegetable.

Any recipe recommendations?


I always add some turmeric to cabbage regardless of what type of dish I'm making. Turmeric is not for flavor, in fact, if you add too much, it gives an odd flavor to the dish. Turmeric seasoning is for color.

Since cabbage is a very bland color, adding a pinch or two of turmeric seasoning to it turns it into a lovely yellow. I think it looks more appetizing that way. Also, I've read that turmeric is very beneficial and protects against diseases.

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