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How Do I Choose the Best Honeycrisp?

Selecting the best Honeycrisp apple involves looking for firmness, a vibrant red color with a hint of green, and a fresh, sweet scent. Avoid any with bruises or soft spots. When you find that perfect balance of crispness and sweetness, it's like a symphony of flavors. What will your next Honeycrisp add to your culinary repertoire?
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

If you are searching for the perfect honeycrisp apple, you will need to examine several different aspects of the fruit. Color and flavor are two areas to consider in order to classify a honeycrisp as the best of its kind. Size is another variable that is often looked at when attempting to choose the best honeycrisp, and most of these apples typically fall into the medium to large size range. The best apples will not only have a very firm feel, the apple will have a very distinct apple aroma that sets it apart from any other variety. It is also important to examine the outside of an apple when attempting to choose the best as puncture marks, flat spots and other signs of damage can often detract from the quality of the apple.

Offering both a sweet and tart flavor combined with a crunchiness that is often described as explosive by apple eaters, the best honeycrisp can sometimes be found at a local fruit market. It is best to check the apple for ripeness before purchasing it. A ripe apple will feel firm and solid when applying slight pressure in your hands.

A Honeycrisp apple.
A Honeycrisp apple.

You will want to choose an apple that is more red than green when searching for the best honeycrisp available. The typical honeycrisp apple will be between the size of a baseball and a softball. It will also be primarily red in color when ripened to its peak. This does not, however, mean that there will not be some green on the apple. A little green is typical for this breed of apple, and will not affect its flavor or crispiness at all.

When biting into the best honeycrisp, the apple will be extremely crispy and will appear to snap as your teeth sink into its flesh. You will know that you have chosen the best of this type of apple when every bite yields a crispy and crunchy texture as you chew the apple. The flesh of the apple will be a bright, milky-white color and the apple will emit juices off of every surface of the flesh when bitten or cut. The best apples are also very fragrant when bitten or sliced into. The best honeycrisp apples will be both sweet and tart, providing you with a well-balanced flavor on your palette.

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    • A Honeycrisp apple.
      By: robert lerich
      A Honeycrisp apple.