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How Do I Eat Passion Fruit?

Nya Bruce
Nya Bruce

There are two main varieties of passion fruit, one with skin that is purple in color and another that is yellow. Both fruit have a similar sweet, yet tangy taste and are a source of both vitamin A and C. It can be eaten raw or it can be can be added to other foods. People who prefer to eat passion fruit with other foods can add it while it's raw, or they may prefer to eat it after it has been cooked in with other ingredients.

Regardless of how you choose to consume passion fruit, selecting a ripe one is crucial when it comes to the quality of its flavor. Whether the skin is yellow or purple, it should have a shriveled appearance and feel heavy. The heaviness of the fruit is a good indication of how juicy it will be when eaten. Once the right fruit is selected, the skin is cleaned with warm water and then cut in half.

Whole and cut passion fruit.
Whole and cut passion fruit.

The orange inside of the fruit will have a juicy, almost gelatinous appearance. For people who like to eat passion fruit directly from the shell, all that's needed is a spoon. All of the gelatin-like pulp can be scooped out and eaten, even the seeds, which are a source of fiber. Some people, however, find that the seeds are bitter and may choose to eat them without chewing or remove them entirely. Passion fruit may also be eaten with a small amount of white or brown sugar sprinkled on top.

Passion fruit growing on the tree.
Passion fruit growing on the tree.

To eat passion fruit outside of the shell, the raw pulp can be mixed with a variety of foods. It can be spooned over yogurt and ice cream for an additional burst of flavor. Another popular way to eat this fruit is to turn it into a mousse dessert. The pulp can also be scooped out and combined with other fruit, such as kiwi, pineapple and bananas to create a fruit salad. Pureed passion fruit can also be combined with other ingredients, such as olive oil and vinegar, to be eaten with green salad as a dressing.

Golden passion fruit.
Golden passion fruit.

Another way to eat passion fruit is to include it as an ingredient in certain cooked foods. With baked goods, it can be added as a key ingredient for passion fruit cakes, scones, muffins or tarts. The pulp may also be boiled and made into a sauce that can be eaten over foods such as fish or chicken. It may also be made into a fruit preserve, such as jam or jelly to be eaten over toast.

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Don't chew or break the seeds. Swallow them whole, scoop out the flesh and swallow - tum. If you don't like the seeds, sieve the flesh off them. The basic purple passionfruit is acidic and then you can get sweet ones such as "Golden Honey" which is what my vine is. I await the coming season every year with anticipation.

You can use them to flavor anything that you would normally flavor with fruit especially berries.I make passionfruit icing, passionfruit icecream, smoothies, yogurt, fruit salad, cakes, slices or eat straight from the fruit.


@ysmina-- Passion fruit smoothies are delicious. I also love passion fruit sorbet, which is made similarly and frozen.


@anamur-- I eat passion fruit with the seeds. I just cut the fruit in half and eat the flesh with a spoon. I personally like their texture and flavor. You could pick the seeds out by hand, but that would be a bit tedious.

Why don't you try putting it through the blender with some fruit juice and maybe yogurt for a smoothie? I think it would be delicious. Having the seeds ground in the blender will help with digestion. Plus, they're full of fiber so it'll be like a smoothie with fiber powder.


I had passion fruit for the first time yesterday. I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I made a fruit salad along with some other fruits.

I like the yellow gelatinous part of the fruit, but the seeds are horrible. They taste weird and are difficult to chew and digest. I had some stomach upset because of the seeds.

Next time, I will have to get the seeds out, but what's the best way to do this? Should I pick them out with my hands? It seems like it would be difficult to do.

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    • Whole and cut passion fruit.
      Whole and cut passion fruit.
    • Passion fruit growing on the tree.
      Passion fruit growing on the tree.
    • Golden passion fruit.
      Golden passion fruit.
    • Kiwi can be combined with passion fruit to make a fruit salad.
      Kiwi can be combined with passion fruit to make a fruit salad.