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How Do I Make Kale Juice?

Making kale juice is a breeze with the right approach. Start by washing the leaves, then remove the stems for a smoother blend. Juice the kale with a bit of lemon and apple for a zesty kick. For a nutrient-packed drink, combine with other greens. Ready to transform your health with this green elixir? Let's explore the benefits together.
Helena Reimer
Helena Reimer

Kale juice is made by extracting the juice from the fiber of the kale leaves. It can be squeezed out by using a juicer designed to the job. The leaves can also be blended and strained in order to release the juice. Some of the benefits of the juice include an improved immune system and protection against many diseases. Aside from making juice, the leafy green is also suitable for cooking up a variety of meals and side dishes.

There are several types of kale that can be used to make juice, including curly and plain leaf. The leaves should be washed thoroughly to get rid of any debris. Due to the bitterness, the hard stems can be removed before juicing if desired.

Using a juicer or blender is the easiest way to extract juice from kale.
Using a juicer or blender is the easiest way to extract juice from kale.

Using a juicer is one of the easiest ways to make kale juice. All you do is feed the kale leaves through the juicing machine, and it automatically separates the juice from the pulp. You can also make the juice in a blender. Simply blend the kale with a bit of water and strain the mixture through a nut milk bag to separate the pulp from the juice. The pulp can be used in composting or to make veggie burgers and baked goods.


It is not recommended that you juice only kale if you are new to juicing greens because the juice can be quite bitter at first. To dilute some of the bitterness, you can juice the kale along with other vegetables, such as carrots, celery, or cucumbers. This way, the juice tastes better, and it allows you to obtain more nutrients from other vegetables as well.

Kale is typically juiced in combination with fruits, tomatoes or carrots.
Kale is typically juiced in combination with fruits, tomatoes or carrots.

Vegetables have many health benefits, and they can help to increase energy levels and maintain a healthy weight. Kale is a good source of calcium and vitamins A, C, and K. The antioxidants in kale juice can help to protect against various diseases, including cancer and inflammatory conditions.

Drinking juiced kale is one of the quickest ways to get all those nutrients and antioxidants into the body as the juice is quickly absorbed. Cooking with kale, however, is another great way to obtain the nutrients along with other foods. The versatile leafy green can be steamed, sauteed, or consumed in raw salads. It also goes great in cooked salads with potatoes and other vegetables as well as in soups, bean dishes, and in green smoothies.

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What of the goitrogenic effects of Kale on those who have thyroid issues? I have read it is best to cook the kale prior to consumption in order to avoid any ill effects since raw kale blocks or interferes with thyroid function. My question is this: can I quickly steam it and then juice it? I am presently working up to doing a three day juice fast and would prefer to use kale. Thoughts?


There has been a lot of research done on kale and all the benefits it can have if you consume it on a regular basis. There are many different ways you can prepare it too.

One way I eat kale is to steam the leaves. After I wash them and rinse them, I will sprinkle a little bit of lemon juice on them. After I have steamed them, I make sure and let them sit for about 5 minutes before eating them.

I like to top them with a healthy dressing and add a few walnuts for some extra protein.


Whenever I make kale juice or add the leaves to anything I also like to include some type of citrus fruit to balance it out.

My favorite is an orange, but I have also used tangerines and pineapple. I will also use apples if I don't have any other fruit on hand. I have also found that adding a little bit of ginger root can give it a pleasant taste.

I usually have some frozen ginger root, so I just scrape some off and add to the juicer.


There is something about juicing that helps get all the nutrients to your body quickly and efficiently - plus it just tastes good!

I discovered the benefits of kale juice after going to a fresh market cafe in my town. I had several other recipes for juice, but had never tried kale juice before. Mixing it with carrots and sweet potatoes made for a very interesting taste.


@Tomislav- I tried making kale chips last year and agree, they were really tasty. But I didn't really think about the fact that they would be equal to kale juice in health benefits. I suppose they would, though, if you ate enough of them.


@snickerish - Kale is a dark green leafy vegetable that looks like a thicker version of romaine lettuce if you ask me. And one of the other things I like about it is that you can find it at most grocery stores so you don't have to go to a specialty store to get it!

Crispy kale is so easy to make! Simply pull the pieces of the kale off, clean the pieces, dry the pieces, and then stick on a baking sheet. Mist the kale in olive oil (you don't want too much olive oil or the kale cannot get crispy) and a little salt. Have oven preheating while you do this. I have heard of having your oven at anywhere from 350 to 500.

I personally, put my oven at 500. I say the crispier the better.

Cook anywhere from 5-10 minutes but begin watching the kale after 5, because you want the kale crispy but it burns pretty quickly after it hits the crispy stage.

I highly recommend either crispy kale or kale juice because the benefits are great. Kale is an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C (we're talking all you need for the entire day of these vitamins if your portion is big enough) and it is a good source of calcium and iron.


@sinbad - I have been looking for other juices since I found out how ridiculously high in sugar fruit juices you buy at the store are. And yet the vegetable juices are usually quite awful or if they taste good, you find they have actually added a bunch of sugar as well.

So my question is what is kale, and what is your crispy kale?


Kale is wonderful! I just discovered crispy kale and was looking for more ways to use kale in my diet.

I must say they thought of liquefying kale does make me turn a little green, but I must see how it tastes. If I am surprised by it as much as I was by how good crispy kale was then it will be worth it!

I loved @aplenty's idea of adding it to her daughter's spaghetti sauce! Brilliant


@aplenty- That is a great idea, mixing kale juice into your pasta sauce. I wonder what other kale juice recipes exist. Does anyone know a recipe for a tasty kale juice that is not bitter? I am interested in trying kale juice, but I am not the biggest fan of bitter foods.


@cougars- You can actually strain the blended kale juice to get rid of the lumpy texture. You will lose some of the fiber benefits of the kale, but not all. Kale juice is a versatile juice, and it does wonders for your health. I have been drinking it for years, and I am rarely sick. I have even found ways to sneak the benefits of kale into my daughter’s diet.

I actually like to mix kale juice in my pasta sauce. My daughter loves spaghetti, but she refuses to eat her vegetables. I have found that if I mix in a little kale juice, carrot juice, and some garlic into the sauce, she is none the wiser. My mother taught me this trick, and it has actually led me to sneak more healthy items in her favorite foods. Blended corn and cheese whipped into her mashed potatoes, ground flax into her pancakes, and blended cauliflower into chicken alfredo.


I recently discovered how amazing kale is. I had kale juice once as a child, but thought it was absolutely disgusting. I recently went to the gym with a friend and he made me a shake that looked horrid, but was actually quite good.

The shake consisted of kale, strawberries, protein powder, banana, and some type of fruit juice. The texture was a little hard to get used to, but you could hardly taste the kale. I also felt great after working out and drinking the shake. I think I will add kale juice to my diet because it is tasty, and it is an easy way to get a healthy dose of vegetables.

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    • Using a juicer or blender is the easiest way to extract juice from kale.
      By: Graça Victoria
      Using a juicer or blender is the easiest way to extract juice from kale.
    • Kale.
      By: Barbro Bergfeldt
    • Kale is typically juiced in combination with fruits, tomatoes or carrots.
      By: verca
      Kale is typically juiced in combination with fruits, tomatoes or carrots.