What are Different Types of Soy Products?

R. Kayne

If you haven’t tried soy products in a while, it’s time to do some shopping. Today’s soy products are more varied and delicious than ever. Most soy products are cholesterol-free and low in carbohydrates, fat and calories, yet high in protein. Many soy foods are fat-free. Soy products are precooked and can be found in the refrigerated and frozen sections of major grocery store chains and health food stores.

Soy beans.
Soy beans.

In the refrigerated section, you’ll find one of the most popular soy products: soy dogs. Colored with beet juice and spiced to taste like hot dogs, soy dogs served up on a bun with relish, mustard and ketchup have all the great taste of hot dogs without the cholesterol and fat. Chili soy dogs are another choice, along with “ballpark” style soy dogs.

A soy hot dog with mustard.
A soy hot dog with mustard.

Other refrigerated soy products include luncheon slices such as veggie bologna, veggie ham slices and veggie turkey slices. Roll up a slice for a quick high-protein, low-calorie snack, or make your favorite sandwiches with all the fixings. If you want to pump up your pizza with pizazz, try veggie pepperoni or veggie salami slices.

Soy milk is often used as a dairy milk substitute by vegans or individuals who are lactose intolerant.
Soy milk is often used as a dairy milk substitute by vegans or individuals who are lactose intolerant.

In the frozen section of your grocery store, you’ll find veggie burger soy products made in a great many varieties, from “griller” style to “Tex-Mex” and more. You’ll also find breaded soy chicken nuggets and patties, soy buffalo wings and soy ground round. Mix the latter into dishes like homemade tacos, burritos, lasagna, spaghetti or chili for the great taste of crumbled hamburger with no fuss or muss. Remember, you don’t have to cook soy products: just heat and serve!

Tofu is a good substitute for meat in many dishes because it is high in protein.
Tofu is a good substitute for meat in many dishes because it is high in protein.

For breakfast, don’t forget soy bacon strips or veggie Canadian bacon. These foods taste great by themselves, mixed into egg dishes or sprinkled on home fries or baked potatoes. Soy sausage and breakfast patties are another option to get your day started right.

If the soy product does not contain dairy products like eggs or milk, it will commonly have the word vegan on the front. Some soy products are made from organic soy, and others boast “no GMO,” meaning there are no genetically modified organisms in the ingredients. Genetically modified soy is controversial and, some might say, less desirable among health-conscious consumers.

A few highly successful brand names of the most popular soy products are MorningStar Farms, Boca Foods and Yves Veggie Cuisine. Their respective websites list full product lines and ingredients. If your local grocer does not yet carry these products, you might consider requesting them.

Bacon-wrapped scallops with a soy dipping sauce.
Bacon-wrapped scallops with a soy dipping sauce.

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Soy is estrogen. Of course it's going to ruin anything like that. Do your research. Why do you think Big Pharma is making so much money on Cialis and Viagra and not telling us why?


I use Warfarin (blood thinner). Soy wrecks the effect. Is there any soy type that doesn't? I want to take a protein shake but it has soy. They may have a different soy? Help. --Larry


Does drinking plain soy milk stain the teeth after they have been bleached?


After just a bit of research, it's clear that the effects of soy products on males of any age is controversial.

I can tell you that there don't seem to be any conclusive studies indicating danger, but there are lots that indicate potential.

On the other hand, so many processed foods we eat have so products in them, you'd have to go out of your way to avoid them.


I have been told that soy should not be eaten by young boys as it is full of natural ocurring estrogen and it not a good idea for men to eat it either.

Please advise if this is correct or not.


What are soy nuts? Are they a product of soybeans?

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