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What are Some Freezer-Safe Containers?

Freezer-safe containers are essential for preserving food quality. Glass jars with tight-fitting lids, BPA-free plastic containers, and silicone bags are all excellent choices. They prevent freezer burn and keep your food fresh longer. Opt for stackable designs to save space. Curious about maximizing your freezer's potential? Discover more about the best containers and freezing tips in our comprehensive guide.
Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

One of the great things about food storage containers is their versatility. Many can go from fridge to microwave to freezer to dishwasher. It is best to only employ those that have been tested and approved for these uses. Remember that not all food storage implements are freezer-safe containers.

If you’re looking for quality freezer-safe containers, you do have several different choices, from freezer bags to Tupperware® and many other options in between. Freezer bags come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can choose zip top bags or the bag within a bag style, specially designed to prevent freezer burn. Freezer bags are available in sizes from start from small that hold about a pint (or .47 liters) up to large, gallon (3.78 liters) size.

A freezer-safe container.
A freezer-safe container.

Tupperware® offers a great line of food storage containers including a nice assortment of airtight, freezer-safe containers in all the most convenient sizes and styles. Tupperware® offers great colors too. While Tupperware® containers tend to cost a bit more than those you will find in your favorite stores, the price is in line with the quality. Most people find Tupperware® containers to be a good value.

Some resealable bags are specifically designed to prevent freezer burn.
Some resealable bags are specifically designed to prevent freezer burn.

The Smart Spin® food storage system offers freezer-safe containers and is a very handy, affordable product. The stand holds twenty-four containers in small, medium, and large sizes, plus twenty-four lids. The lids are all the size same and fit each size container.

Rubbermaid® also offers freezer-safe containers. In fact, all of its containers are marketed as safe for the freezer, including its disposable food storage containers. GladWare® has a line of these containers as well. Both offer stackable containers with interlocking lids, so you will never have to search for a lid.

Keep in mind that even freezer-safe containers are not indestructible. They can crack or otherwise become damaged if they are over-filled or if they’re dropped while filled with frozen food. Take care to leave a little room at the top when filling them since liquids tend to expand as they freeze. Remove items from the freezer carefully and allow them to thaw at least somewhat before removing food. Do not hit the container in an attempt to get the food out or you may crack your favorite freezer-safe containers.

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Glad makes a freezer safe/oven safe disposable container (Oven Ware). They're pretty good. =)


Likewise, I'm diabetic and would like to find a freezer safe storage container with dividers. Much like those in a TV dinner so I can prepare a week's worth of lunches and take one from the freezer each day.

Haven't seen anything like this in Tupperware or Rubbermaid.


I am looking for storage containers that I can store in the freezer, take out, and then put in the microwave. Any ideas?


I am looking for freezer containers that go from freezer to oven?


Are the WOW CONTAINERS safe to store in the freezer?

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    • A freezer-safe container.
      By: withGod
      A freezer-safe container.
    • Some resealable bags are specifically designed to prevent freezer burn.
      By: koosen
      Some resealable bags are specifically designed to prevent freezer burn.