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What are the Benefits of Eating Potatoes?

Potatoes are nutritional powerhouses, packed with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. They support heart health, aid digestion, and provide sustained energy. Versatile in cooking, they can be a delicious part of a balanced diet. Wondering how to best incorporate potatoes into your meals for maximum benefit? Let's uncover the tasty possibilities together.
L. Hepfer
L. Hepfer

Potatoes are vegetables that grow underground and thrive in cool, dark places. While they are mainly grown in gardens, they can also be grown in tin trash cans filled with dirt that are kept in cool, dark places such as basements and cellars. For people who do not have a yard or the option of growing a garden for their potatoes, sometimes growing them in a trash can is their only option.

Potatoes originated in the Andes Mountains of Peru and Bolivia. Spanish conquistadors became interested enough in potatoes during their quests that they took some home to their land. The vegetable eventually became a standard on Spanish ships after they discovered that eating potatoes prevented scurvy.

Various types of potatoes.
Various types of potatoes.

Eating potatoes at every meal has became a staple for many families, making potatoes the number one vegetable crop worldwide. Potatoes provide significant benefits to one's health when eaten properly. They help prevent cancer and control high blood pressure and diabetes.

It is important to remember when preparing potatoes to leave the skin intact. The potato skin contains all the vitamins and nutrients, whereas the inside is basically just starch. Boiling potatoes in water will cause them to lose vital nutrients. If boiling is necessary when preparing potatoes, it is essential to keep the water, reusing it for soups, to preserve the vitamins. It is best to bake a potato with the skin intact when preparing potatoes for a meal.

Whole and sliced raw potatoes.
Whole and sliced raw potatoes.

Potato skins contain an anti-carcinogenic compound called chlorogenic acid. This particular acid helps the fiber in potatoes absorb carcinogens that are found in grilled foods. Eating potatoes with grilled foods is common and important when preserving health and fighting off cancer-causing substances.

Eating potatoes can calm a queasy stomach. The potato skin contains vitamin B6, which is good for eliminating nausea. Potatoes are high in potassium, and foods rich in potassium tend to keep high blood pressure under control. Another added benefit to eating potatoes is feeling fuller longer, helping keep weight under control.

Mashed potatoes.
Mashed potatoes.

Diabetics can benefit from eating potatoes for several reasons. Potatoes contain vitamin C, a nutrient known for helping regulate sugar levels in the blood. They also contain complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates must be broken down before being absorbed into the bloodstream. Sugar enters the bloodstream steadily rather than all at once, helping keep blood sugar levels stable.

Roasted potatoes.
Roasted potatoes.

Potatoes can be prepared a number of different ways and are extremely versatile and fun to try in new recipes. They are easy on the taste buds and enjoyed by most people. When eaten moderately at meals and prepared properly, the benefits of eating potatoes can result in a longer, healthier life.

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Discussion Comments


Just make sure that the potato is well cooked. Eating raw potatoes can make a person sick due to its high toxic solanine content.


Can eating steamed potatoes be just as healthy?


Boiled potatoes are, among other things, an instant anti-depressant. Try eating several when feeling down and you will struggle to remember why you felt bad before you're done with the meal.


So I should bake them instead of eating them raw with the skin? Because I'll work with the raw taste if it's more beneficial.


Latte- I can tell you from experience that they should not. Potatoes have too much starch which causes problems for the horse’s digestion. It is too rich of a food for horses.


Mutsy- I wondered if animals can eat potatoes. I mean can horses eat potatoes?


Crispety- I heard if you eat lots of sweet potatoes, it is also very healthy for you.

Sweet potatoes have beta carotene and high amounts of vitamin A, which is excellent to promote healthy vision.

It also contains a lot of fiber and is very filling. Sweet potato can be baked with a little sprinkle sugar.

Also, many people use sweet potatoes and cut them into strips similar to French fries. The sweet potato fries that are baked are much healthier.

This can be done with regular potatoes as well, but the sweet potatoes have the added advantage of the beta carotene and vitamins A nutrients.


It is best to eat your potatoes with the skin. The skin contains iron and B6 vitamins.

The healthiest potatoes to eat are the baked potatoes. Baked potatoes contain a lot of fiber, and if you add a little bit of the chili, you have a healthy and satisfying meal.

You should avoid layering the baked potato with high fat toppings such as sour cream and butter.

Chili is great because of the high protein and fiber content that help you achieve a feeling of fullness.

The beans in the chili also regulate your blood sugar so it tends to eliminate cravings. This is why a baked potato with chili is an ideal lunch because you don't suffer from the afternoon crash as a result.

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    • Various types of potatoes.
      Various types of potatoes.
    • Whole and sliced raw potatoes.
      By: Andre
      Whole and sliced raw potatoes.
    • Mashed potatoes.
      By: JJAVA
      Mashed potatoes.
    • Roasted potatoes.
      By: Brett Mulcahy
      Roasted potatoes.
    • Stuffed baked potatoes.
      By: JJAVA
      Stuffed baked potatoes.
    • Spanish conquistadors brought potatoes from the Andes Mountains back to Europe.
      By: etienn280
      Spanish conquistadors brought potatoes from the Andes Mountains back to Europe.
    • Many families eat potatoes daily, making them one of the world's most popular vegetables.
      By: Natika
      Many families eat potatoes daily, making them one of the world's most popular vegetables.