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What Are the Best Tips for Cereal Storage?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

The best tip for cereal storage is to pack it up tightly and properly to avoid pouring a big bowl of stale, bug-infested, pliable pieces of cereal. Sounds appetizing doesn't it? To keep the food protected from bugs, either put a clip on the bag or forgo the original packaging altogether in favor of a storage container. One of the easiest ways to prevent inedible cereal is to store it in a cool dry place. Another tip to keep the bugs out is to put bay leaves in with the cereal.

To reduce the risk of stale food and bugs getting in, use a clip to keep the bag closed. Typically, the best cereal storage clips are the ones in the largest size, which are wide enough to clamp the bag closed horizontally from one side to the other. To close the bag, fold both top corners inward, then fold the top of the bag over, and secure with the clip.

Two young boys
Two young boys

One of the best options for cereal storage is to put it in an airtight storage container. Pour all the contents directly into the container, then close the lid tightly. They are ideal for keeping bugs out, preserving the freshness of the cereal and keeping the product cool and dry, which is especially useful for those who live in damp climates. They come in a variety of sizes and each will usually have a flip-top section on the lid so the cereal can easily pour out.

To keep cereal cool and dry, store it in the refrigerator or pantry. Although many choose to store their cereal in a pantry, that's typically where little bugs hang out, including the flour beetle and grain beetle; some were born in there while others came in through food packaging. If leaving the cereal in the pantry, it's best to put it in an airtight container. The best cereal storage tip for keeping the food from getting stale or from being invaded by bugs is to store it in an airtight container rather than leave it in the original packaging, then to place it in the refrigerator.

A little trick for cereal storage is to put a few whole bay leaves directly into the cereal container. Bugs, especially weevils, don't like the scent of them, so they will work as a natural repellent. Those storing the cereal in the pantry should also put some whole bay leaves on each shelf.

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I leave cereal in the bag it comes in, place it in a plastic container and throw out the box that is usually much larger than necessary. Rolling up the bag to suit the contents keeps excess air out. The container doesn't have to be washed every time a new bag of cereal is added.

I have never had bugs in cereal even when it was left in the box. If you're getting weevils, they might be just the eggs hatching that came with the cereal, just as they come in flour. Freezing the cereal for a couple of days will kill the eggs.


When cereal is on sale, I buy a bunch and store them since we're always going to need cereal. I keep them in the basement during winter, and in the freezer during summer. They never go stale! Of course I make sure that there is a long time until the expiration date too.


@ddljohn-- What kind of plastic container are you talking about?

The best way to store cereal is in a cereal canister. There are plastic ones out there, but there are also glass ones with metal lids. Those might work out for you, I think you should give one a try. I personally think that cereal canisters are great. It's so easy to get the cereal out, it doesn't waste my time in the morning.

If you're opposed to containers, you could also get large zipper bags and put cereals in those. At least it will be easy to close them.


I don't like transferring cereal to a plastic container. For some reason, I feel like the cereal goes stale more quickly in the container than it does in its original bag and box. The place I live also has a humid climate and things go stale very quickly.

The best solution I've found is opening the bag straight across at the top and then rolling it closed and securing it with a clip. Whenever I take cereal and clip the bag, I make sure to get all the air out.

This has been working for me so far. The only downside is that it doesn't look very nice with a clip on, but I usually keep the bag in the cereal box, so it's not visible.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys