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What Are the Best Tips for Cooking Roast Potatoes?

S. McNesby
S. McNesby

Roasted potatoes are an ideal accompaniment to many different main course dishes. When cooking roast potatoes, some of the most important things to consider include pan size, potato type, and the ingredients and seasonings that work well with the rest of the meal. Depending on the potato variety used, some soaking or advanced preparation may be required when working with roast potatoes. Roasting time and temperature can be adjusted as needed when roast potatoes are being prepared alongside other items in the oven.

The pan used for cooking roast potatoes should be oven safe and large enough to hold all the potatoes in a single layer. Ceramic, metal, or glass pans all work well for cooking roast potatoes, provided they are the correct size for the amount of potatoes being cooked. Adding a small amount of vegetable oil to the pan prior to cooking will keep the potatoes from sticking to the bottom of a glass or ceramic pan. Pans coated with a non-stick surface don't require additional oil to prevent sticking or burning.

Various types of potatoes.
Various types of potatoes.

The type of tuber used for cooking roast potatoes plays a role in the success of the dish as well. Potato varieties that are primarily for boiling usually work best for roasting. Some advanced preparation is usually required if baking potatoes, including russets and other large, starchy tubers, are used, because baking potatoes have a high starch content and may not brown or hold their shape well. Multipurpose potatoes are also considered a good choice for roasting.

Roast potatoes.
Roast potatoes.

Cutting the potatoes into chunks or slices prior to cooking will help them cook evenly. Baking or multipurpose potato types should be soaked or boiled prior to roasting; soaking eliminates some of the excess starch and promotes browning in the finished potatoes. Boiling any type of potatoes for about 10 minutes before roasting will speed the process along and help the potatoes cook evenly. Choosing extras like spices, herbs, and salt based on personal taste and other items served will help the finished dish work well with the menu or meal.

White potatoes can be used to make roast potatoes.
White potatoes can be used to make roast potatoes.

Most recipes for cooking roast potatoes call for some form of fat. Heating the fat in the roasting pan before adding the potatoes will help seal the potatoes and prevent sticking. Tossing the potatoes in the sizzling fat will also distribute the fat and other ingredients evenly and help promote better cooking. Checking the potatoes as they cook will prevent over-browning or burning.

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Has anyone ever had a stuffed potato? I had one recently at a restaurant and it was incredible. It was like a baked potato but the center had cheese and bacon in it. I know that sounds like a baked potato but just turned outside in but somehow this one tasted completely different.

I would love to find a recipe for something like that. Does anyone have one?


I love to roast potatoes with good olive oil, garlic and fresh rosemary. It is a simple preparation but it is delicious. It lets the flavor of the potato shine but adds a little bit of flavor as a compliment.

I know some people that like to roast their potatoes in really elaborate and spicy seasoning blends but then it just tastes like salt and chili powder. It ruins the flavor of the potato.


What potatoes make the best roast potatoes? I have tried several different varieties and frankly liked them all but I know that there must be some kind of perfect potatoe for roasting.

There is a farmers market close to me on the weekends and you can get about two different kinds of potatoes. I am definitely not suffering for lack of selection.

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    • Various types of potatoes.
      Various types of potatoes.
    • Roast potatoes.
      By: Brett Mulcahy
      Roast potatoes.
    • White potatoes can be used to make roast potatoes.
      By: Natika
      White potatoes can be used to make roast potatoes.