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What Are the Different Types of Sugar Free Yogurt?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Sugar free yogurt may be available in many varieties, and is often made with some type of artificial sweeter. Some types may contain the artificial sweetener aspartame. Organic sugar free yogurt is a popular choice for those who prefer natural ingredients. Some yogurts without sugar are made with whole milk, while others may be made with low fat or fat-free milk.

Sugar free yogurt is an option for individuals who are on a sugar-restricted diet. This may include diabetics or those who simply want to limit sweets. Plain yogurt generally does not include any fruit, either mixed or at the bottom. Plain yogurt with no added sugar will be cultured with healthy bacteria such as lactobacillus, as most other varieties are.

A man making sugar free yogurt.
A man making sugar free yogurt.

Probiotic yogurt has one or more strains of healthy bacteria incorporated into the product. Probiotics cultured in yogurt are important for maintaining a healthy digestive system, and have been shown to help boost the immune system. While most yogurt found on store shelves contains live and active cultures, those labeled as probiotic yogurt contain a strain of bacteria that may not be found in other brands. By populating the intestinal tract with healthy bacteria, the bacteria that cause stomach distress may not have the opportunity to flourish.

Sugar free yogurt.
Sugar free yogurt.

Fruit flavored yogurt is a popular type that may be found in a sugar free variety. Some fruit flavored yogurts are made by mixing fruit throughout, adding a creamy texture. These stirred varieties may have varying amounts of sugar or no sugar, and they are sometimes referred to as Swiss style yogurt. Alternately, some sugar free yogurt brands place the fruit on the bottom of the cup, which may be stirred when ready to eat. Greek style yogurt is typically much thicker than ordinary yogurt and may also be found in sugar free varieties.

Sugar-free yogurt is a good option for those on a sugar-restricted diet.
Sugar-free yogurt is a good option for those on a sugar-restricted diet.

Flavored sugar free yogurt will be sweetened naturally from the fruit that is used, though many manufacturers use artificial sweeteners as well. Some popular types of fruits used for making these yogurts include strawberries, raspberries, and cherries.

Homemade yogurt is often prepared by aging whole milk and adding other ingredients as desired. Fresh, frozen or pureed fruits may be used for making homemade yogurt, and powered probiotic supplements may be mixed into the yogurt for health benefits. Many people prefer to use plain or fruit flavored sugar free yogurt in various recipes.

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Sugar-free Greek yogurt is the best. It's full of protein and since I buy the non-fat, sugar-free variety, it's low in calories too. This is my protein snack after working out.


@ankara-- There is sugar-free plain yogurt at the store. I guess you're looking for sugar-free fruit yogurt but that's not really possible because fruit also has sugar. There are fruit yogurts without added sugar and as you said, they mostly contain artificial sugars or sugar alcohol.

Have you tried health food stores? You might find sugar-free yogurt with natural sweeteners there.

The other option is purchasing plain yogurt and then mixing in the fruit yourself at home. It might not taste the same, but at least you will decide what's in it.


I'm a diabetic, so I have to eat sugar-free yogurt. But there aren't many varieties of sugar-free yogurts at the store.

The only ones that are truly sugar-free (without high fructose corn syrup) are the 90 calorie ones with artificial sweetener. I can't find any that are sugar-free but with natural sweeteners.

It's frustrating because I love yogurt and I need to be consuming more calcium due to menopause and the risk of osteoporosis. I just don't want to be eating a lot of artificial sweeteners because I know they are unhealthy.

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    • A man making sugar free yogurt.
      By: areafoto
      A man making sugar free yogurt.
    • Sugar free yogurt.
      By: NilsZ
      Sugar free yogurt.
    • Sugar-free yogurt is a good option for those on a sugar-restricted diet.
      By: Anton Maltsev
      Sugar-free yogurt is a good option for those on a sugar-restricted diet.