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What Are Turkey Breast Chops?

Turkey breast chops are succulent, lean cuts of meat sliced from the turkey breast, similar to a chicken cutlet but with a richer flavor. They offer a versatile canvas for a variety of recipes, from grilling to pan-frying. Perfect for health-conscious diners, they're a delicious way to enjoy poultry. Wondering how to best prepare them for a mouthwatering meal?
A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

Turkey breast chops are thicker cuts of turkey breast that can be cooked in ways similar to traditional pork chops. These cuts of turkey breast are generally several millimeters or up to an inch thick. These cuts of meat offer a leaner alternative to pork chops for use in various recipes.

Like traditional pork chop recipes, many recipes for turkey breast chops call for baking the meat in a pan or dish. Many of these recipes combine the meat with diverse types of additional ingredients. The chops may be cooked with many different kinds of green vegetables or other savory vegetables like onions, carrots, potatoes, or beets. Cooks may use a sauce composed of spices, oils and other ingredients to coat the chops or to allow the ingredients to simmer while baking. Alternatively, the chops can be breaded.

A turkey.
A turkey.

Typically, turkey breast chops, like pork chops, will be bought raw and cooked thoroughly during the baking process. Some products may also be sold pre-cooked and heated in the microwave or conventional oven. One of the challenges with this leaner meat is to avoid over-cooking the turkey, where the meat can get excessively dry. Different recipes call for specific baking cooking times and maximum temperatures in order to make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly and evenly, but not excessively.

Turkey breast chops can be made in many different kinds of flavors. Traditional English or American recipes might include a mild garlic sauce with salt and pepper. These recipes might also call for Jamaican seasoning for a different flavor profile. Other recipes might feature the complex arrays of herbs and spices in traditional Middle Eastern food, South Asian food, or the cuisines of other world regions.

While some turkey breast chops might be served in a stew or sauce made from a “one pot” cooking method, others will be served with separate side dishes. A common side dish for these cuts of meat is mashed potatoes. Different varieties of beans or legumes are also common side dishes. The chop is often the meat element of a more sophisticated entree that might include several sides, as well as salads, desserts, or other menu items.

The best turkey breast chops will be made of unprocessed cuts of meat, and cooked well. The final texture should not be dry or rubbery. The meat should easily separate with the use of a knife or fork. Cooks use many different techniques to present the best versions of this simple dish.

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    • A turkey.
      By: Jeffrey Banke
      A turkey.