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What Are Turkey Breast Steaks?

Turkey breast steaks are lean cuts of meat sliced from the turkey breast, offering a healthy, high-protein alternative to traditional red meats. They cook quickly, making them a convenient choice for a nutritious meal. Perfect for grilling or pan-frying, these steaks provide a versatile canvas for a variety of flavors. Wondering how to best prepare them for a delicious feast?
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Turkey breast steaks are cuts of turkey sold as boneless steaks taken from the breast of the bird. They can be used in a variety of different recipes, such as soy and ginger turkey steaks, turkey steaks with mushroom sauce, and turkey steaks with citrus and ginger sauce. Generally, turkey breast steaks will be served with a side dish or a sauce as part of these recipes, and are rarely chopped up to be included in dishes. Most chefs opt to grill the steaks, but it is also possible to fry or oven-roast them if desired.

In terms of flavor and the type of meat turkey breast steaks are very similar to chicken breast fillets. They do contain slightly less fat than chicken breast fillets, which can lead to the meat drying out more easily. Turkey breast steaks are also generally larger than chicken breast fillets. The meat is taken from the breast of the turkey, from either side of the breast bone that runs down the center of the bird’s chest. Steaks made from the breast of the turkey are always boneless.

A turkey.
A turkey.

Many different methods can be used to cook turkey breast steaks based on the recipe or experience. Most chefs opt to cook the steaks on the grill, but they can also be roasted in the oven, shallow-fried, or deep fried, depending on the dish’s requirements. In addition, the steaks can be dusted in corn-flour prior to cooking. This helps the meat retain as much moisture as possible.

Some recipes call for the turkey breasts to be seasoned with salt and pepper only.
Some recipes call for the turkey breasts to be seasoned with salt and pepper only.

Marinades are commonly used with turkey breast steaks, because these enable the chef to infuse flavor into the meat before cooking. Acidic ingredients within marinades also help to break down the muscle fibers that make up the turkey breast, and thereby make the meat tender. If chefs don’t use a marinade for the turkey breast steaks, they will often be seasoned with salt and pepper prior to cooking. This adds flavor to the meat, which is especially important when served without a sauce.

Most recipes which include turkey breast steaks suggest serving them with a sauce or side dish. They are rarely chopped into pieces before being added to a dish, rather, they function more like an ordinary beef steak. Sauces commonly served with turkey breast include mushroom sauce and citrus and ginger. Chefs should decide on a sauce based on the overall flavor he desired for the dish.

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    • A turkey.
      By: Jeffrey Banke
      A turkey.
    • Some recipes call for the turkey breasts to be seasoned with salt and pepper only.
      By: al62
      Some recipes call for the turkey breasts to be seasoned with salt and pepper only.