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What Is a Bacon Grill?

A bacon grill is a specialized kitchen appliance designed to cook bacon to perfection. It typically uses a heating element and a unique design to reduce grease splatter, ensuring crispy, evenly cooked strips. With a bacon grill, you can savor the flavor without the mess. Curious about how it can transform your breakfast experience? Let's dive deeper into the sizzling world of bacon grills.
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Bacon grill is a canned meat product available in the U.K. that contains mostly mechanically recovered pork, as well as a small amount of chicken. It is available in cans of either 170 grams or 300 grams. It can be thought of as similar to Spam in many ways, being a canned food made from a mixture of meats. It has a smoky flavor added in to make it taste more like bacon, and it can be served on toast as a snack, or chopped up as part of a meal.

Pig meat can come in many different forms, including bacon, gammon and ham. Pork is unflavored cuts of meat from the pig, but bacon, gammon and ham have gone through a smoking or curing process to enhance the taste of the meat. Bacon is usually served with breakfast, and ham is generally added into sandwiches. Gammon is typically served as part of a main meal, often with eggs or a pineapple ring.

Bacon grill is usually served on toast.
Bacon grill is usually served on toast.

Mechanically recovered meat is meat that is left over from creating bigger cuts of meat. After meat goes through a slicing device, there can be scraps left over, coating the sides of the machine and the blades used for chopping. This meat is recovered and packed together to form mechanically recovered meat. The recovered meat, as a result of how it is produced, often has a different texture than the original meat it was made from, but tastes about the same.

Bacon grill is predominantly made from mechanically recovered pork meat. A can of bacon grill is 43 percent mechanically recovered meat and 16 percent actual chicken. The rest of the food is made up of water, pepper, smoke flavoring, pork fat, salt, milk protein and wheat starch. Other ingredients are used in bacon grill to make it suitable for preservation in a can, such as the preservative E250 and stabilizers E451 and E452. Nutritionally, bacon grill offers largely fat, 23.6 grams per 100 grams, compared with 10.7 grams of protein, 11 grams of carbohydrates and a trace amount of fiber.

Many different dishes can be made to include bacon grill, but it is usually served on toast or alongside other ingredients such as baked beans as part of breakfast. People tend to use canned meat during occasions where there are no adequate means of refrigeration. For example, bacon grill would be a useful thing to take on a camping trip.

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    • Bacon grill is usually served on toast.
      By: Sergii Moscaliuk
      Bacon grill is usually served on toast.