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What is Mixed Grill?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

The term “mixed grill” generally refers to a combination of items roasted on the same grill surface. Grilling is the roasting of any food on a flat grid above a flame or heat. Although mixed grilling was originally used as a term for a collection of grilled meats, its use has become significantly more broad over time.

One type of mixed grilling dish is primarily represented in Middle Eastern cuisine. In this type of “combination food” different pieces of meat and vegetables are placed on a skewer. In America, this type of grilled food is commonly called a “shish kebab” in honor of its Middle Eastern origin.

Bacon is a classic meat used in a mixed grill.
Bacon is a classic meat used in a mixed grill.

In American restaurants, mixed grilled dishes can mean a lot of different things. Very often, a menu item referring to mixed grill will indicate that meats and vegetables are grilled together for presentation on the same plate. In other kinds of restaurants, such as fondue restaurants, the mixed grill may only refer to meats.

Classic mixed grilling meats include chops, chicken, liver or kidneys, bacon, and other red meats. These are typically cooked with vegetables in a mixed grill dish. Some restaurants offer custom mixed grilling. Many of these are referred to as “Mongolian grill” restaurants, and are becoming popular across the U.S.

The mixed grilled dish is not often a vegetarian option. Customers can look carefully at a mixed grill menu item to see if it includes vegetables or not. Lots of those liable to order mixed grill dishes are very enthusiastic about different types of meats, including organ meats, and want to sample a variety at one sitting.

With all of the issues around modern restaurant service, mixed grilled dishes are among the most carefully monitored, as food safety is most important with meat foods that have the potential for rapid decay. Look for a current health inspection at a restaurant offering mixed grill and similar items. It can also help to inquire about the origin of the various meats, as the quality of meats varies widely according to the venue.

In general, mixed grilling is a way for restaurants to offer a more diverse dining experience to customers with a single menu item. It’s interesting to see how different restaurants create a mixed grill option. These types of dishes can be a great way to try more new foods when going out to eat, especially when eating at a restaurant for the first time.

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One of my favorite grill combinations is chicken and pineapple. I make a sauce for both that reminds me of the taste of island cuisine.

I use brown sugar, worchestershire sauce, a touch of soy sauce, and honey. I soak the chicken and pineapple in it for about thirty minutes. Then, I carry some extra sauce out to the grill to baste the food with every five minutes.

This extra basting keeps the grill from drying out the chicken. This is probably the juiciest mixed grill I have ever eaten.


My husband loves to grill, and he will attempt to grill any food that can handle it. We both are crazy about seafood, so he decided to do a scallop and shrimp mixed grill.

He marinated the seafood in a butter, lemon, and garlic sauce. He also sliced some potatoes to grill as a side. He wrapped everything in aluminum foil before placing it on the grill.

It turned out to be absolutely delicious. The next time he made it, he added a piece of salmon to the mix. He used the same marinade as he had on the scallops and shrimp, and it all went together very well.


@nextcorrea – I think this is correct. The only time I've ever ordered the mixed grill from a restaurant menu, it came without skewers.

The plate had a mixture of steak, chicken, zucchini, squash, and asparagus. It had all been seasoned and marinated in the same liquid, so the flavor carried throughout the dish. I absolutely loved it, and I would gladly order it again.

I liked that the food wasn't on a skewer. I always struggle to push food off of skewers, because I don't like to nibble around a stick.

There was more than enough for two meals on this plate. I took about half of it home and had it for my next meal.


@sunshined – The amount of time that you marinate meat for a mixed grill matters, too. I have found that when I grill steak and chicken, they have much more flavor and are much more tender when I marinate them for several hours instead of half an hour or so.

Some meats can even be marinated overnight, especially steak. I never grill any food without first marinating it, because plain meat just isn't very good.

I don't marinate the vegetables for more than a few minutes, though. If they stayed wet for a long time, they would start to disintegrate, and then I couldn't put them on the grill.


Where can I find some good grilled steak recipes? I am just starting to experiment with grilling and have had the hardest time learning how to grill steak correctly.

It seems like the outside is too done while the center is not done enough. Other times it is so tough that you find yourself doing a lot of chewing just to get it down.

There have been times when I have eaten a grilled steak that almost melts in your mouth. I am still trying to find the best tips on how to grill a good steak like that.


This article mentions the popularity of Mongolian grills, and these are becoming one of my favorite places to eat.

When we were on a cruise there was one of these grills on the pool deck, and there was a long line at this grill every day all day long.

It looks like I am not the only one who likes this type of grill. I think one reason they are so popular is because all of the choices are yours.

You can choose everything from the type of meat, noodles, vegetables and even sauces. You can stand there and watch them prepare your meal right in front of you.

Not only do you get to make all the choices, but it also doesn't take very long to prepare. I know when I eat at a mixed grill like this, I don't usually have to wait very long before I can eat.


Almost every time I fire up the grill at my house, it would be considered a mixed grill.

My husband loves a good steak, while I prefer chicken breast. The kids usually want a hotdog or hamburger. With a grill, it is so easy to fix more than one type of meat at the same time.

Usually they don't have choices like that and have to eat the one thing I fix for the whole family. Because it is so easy to have many different kinds of meat on the grill at the same time, I will make exceptions when we grill.

This also works out great if you are having people over and want to grill out. Everyone likes different kinds of meat and likes them prepared a different way.

While there are a lot of grilling recipes out there, I usually make sure my meat is seasoned well and has come to room temperature before I put it on a hot grill.


@backdraft - I agree with you how much difference a good marinade can make your meat taste and texture.

When I mix up my own marinade, I try to make a big batch and keep the leftovers in a glass jar in the refrigerator. This will keep for several weeks, and I always try to have some on hand.

If I have run out and am in a pinch, a good chicken or steak marinade is Italian dressing. I just pour some in a bag and let the meat marinade in that mixture for awhile.

It goes a long way at improving the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Sometimes grilled meat can be tough, but if you marinade it right, it will be tender and juicy.


So a mixed grill is basically just a kabob without the skewer? Is that right? If so I will have to try them I love kabobs.


Mixed grill requires two things, quality ingredients, and quality marinades. Lots of people skimp on the marinades.

A good marinade, preferably a homemade one will enhance the flavor of both your meats and your veggies and add a dynamic flavor profile to your bbq recipes. I like to make a simple marinade of vinegar, oil, my own seasoning blend and a little bit of mustard. It tastes great with everything and I can switch the flavors up when I am looking for variety.


OK, this is kind of obscure, but has anyone read The Corrections by Johnathan Franzen? I read it when it first came out about ten years ago. I liked it but there is not much from the book that sticks in my mind.

One thing that does though is the mixed grill. I remember that the family at the center of the story eats mixed grill constantly once the dad hits it rich. Franzen kind of turns it into a joke. It's a weird thing to stick in my mind but for some reason that mixed grill made a stronger impression on me than anything else in the book.

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    • Bacon is a classic meat used in a mixed grill.
      By: Kelpfish
      Bacon is a classic meat used in a mixed grill.